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A Bluebird Kind Of Day

It is going to be a bluebird kind of day. Tuesday morning is starting off with sunshine and excellent conditions, and shaping up to be a fantastic day to be…
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Some Snow To Kickstart The Week

Some snow is always a great start to the week. After some rain moved through late Sunday, the northwest flow snow machine kicked up late overnight and this morning providing…
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Winter Returns In Time For The Weekend

After a couple of springlike days, it certainly feels more like January outside. The pattern has flipped in winter’s favor once again as we have colder temperatures and even some…
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One More Mild Day Before Winter Returns

We are just a day away from another pattern flip. It has been a back-and-forth start to 2023 as we flip back from winter-like to spring-like conditions. Fortunately, the switch…
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A Brief Midweek Taste Of Spring

We are going to have a taste of spring for the next couple of days. A brief mild-up is going to occur on Wednesday and Thursday before the cold air…
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