Lesson Two: Getting in Ski Shape

Great skiing starts with being in shape to handle it. The hardest part of conditioning is getting started and staying with a program. Mountain biking is a great form of…
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Lesson Three: Knowing Your Signs

Now admit it…when you read this lesson title, you were thinking, "What does knowing my zodiac sign have to do with skiing?" Not THOSE kinds of signs…but the SIGNS on…
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Lesson Six: Skiing Etiquette

You’re probably now saying to yourself, "There’s actually etiquette on the slopes!?!" Yes there is and it would be a wonderful thing if more people would abide by them. I…
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Lesson Nine: Tips on Carving a Turn

Once a Skier has progressed to confident parallel turns, the next big challenge is to learn to carve the turn correctly and efficiently. A properly carved Ski requires less effort…
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