Skiing Tips for New and Beginner Skiers


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Over the last several years we’ve received so many emails from people who were heading to the mountains to make their very first attempt at skiing. Admittedly we used to wonder why people exhibited differing levels of anxieties. Then I was at one of the local ski resorts with a good friend and her fears before hitting the slopes for the first time were very real. Everything from getting her skies on, to getting on the lift, to getting off the lift, to…well you get the picture. Skiing for her was something she WANTED to do, however to get to that point she was going to have to conquer numerous fears. Later, after a couple of years of skiing, she shared that her main fear was heights. So the lift ride for her was the main prohibiting factor in learning to ski.

So this "skiing tips" article is dedicated to Carolyn. You know who you are…and thanks for being my inspiration for wanting to provide some helpful information for new skiers.

If any of this sound like you…then read on!

We’ve divided this information into an online ski lesson of sorts. However, nothing – and I repeat NOTHING – can replace the help that you can gain from taking a lesson. All of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic ski resorts have highly qualified instructors and they are used to working through beginner’s anxieties and fears. Don’t feel intimidated…get a lesson.

However, a lot of our emails and inquiries come from people BEFORE they ever leave home. So this information should be helpful.

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