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Last season we received more On-Snow Reports providing North Carolina and Southeast Ski Reports than ever before AND from more people that within any season prior.  However, we want to get even better. If you are a season ticket holder at any of the resorts of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic (or if you simply plan to ski and ride a lot) we’d LOVE to enlist your help. Truth is EVEN if you ski only ONCE during the season, you can share your experience with our readers and that helps all of us.  The more actual reports FROM skiers and snowboarders – the better.


We’ve been doing slope conditions from all of the ski areas for ten prior seasons and even though the resorts do a pretty good job of "self-reporting" – we found that NOTHING beats having input from people that ski and ride the slopes.  A few years ago we began enlisting the support of regular visitors and we grew our volunteer On-Snow Reporters list to more than 120 individuals last season. Some provided more than 100 reports and some only provided ONE, but as a group they ALL provided invaluable input to offer where the best snow was.  They also provided daily glimpses through the many photos that we received of what the conditions actually looked like EACH DAY of the season.


Last season, we gave away $1000 and a nice Vacation Giveaway to Lorrie Tomlinson who submitted the most photos and slope comments of all the rest. Kent Jackson, Mark McKelvy, Gresham Barker, Joe Harmon and others submitted numerous On-Snow Reports last season and we appreciated all entries – even those that sent just one or two. None of our photos were any better than that of Tyla Wanamaker (who submitted the High Meadows Photo from Cataloochee last season).

We’re still contemplating how we’ll judge this year’s reporters and we’ll certainly do something nice to reward them, but we are now putting the word out that we NEED YOU!

If you’re going to be hitting the slopes and you have a decent digital camera and some writing skills…then you can help take the word about how the slopes are doing to the miliions of people who will be visiting SkiNC and SkiSoutheast this season. This season we’ll be rewarding THE PHOTO OF THE YEAR as well as REPORTER OF THE YEAR…and as we mentioned, we’ve still got our thinking cap on so we may add to that mix.  Photo of the Month or Best Photo from a specific resort may be another prize winning entry.

All you have to do is snap a few photos, and email them to us – along with a short report of how things were during your day on the slopes. Some of the sweetest photos we received last season were from novice photographers…so don’t let your photo limitations prohibit you from joining us.  If you’d like a little publicity or if you’d simply like to help us promote YOUR favorite ski area – join our team of On-Snow Reporters for the 2006-2007 season. You’ll help us, fellow skiers and snow lovers, and you might even win some nice giveaways.

We’re hoping to get at least two or three regular reports for EVERY ski area in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic this season. To join, simply CLICK HERE and fill in the simple form and we’ll get you some more information and that’s it!

Be a part of a great team of fellow snow lovers!

Until Next time…

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