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Snowboarding is a sport that uses a lot of different movements and relies heavily on strength in your legs and core. Many snowboarders and those looking to start boarding are attracted to Extreme Snowboarding because of the fantastic Tricks of Snowboarding that are easy to pull off once you learn the basic skills. If you are trying to find information on the Tricks of Snowboarding or just the basic Snowboarding Trick Names, you have landed on the right page!

All Snowboarding Tricks can be broken down into categories. There are tons of Snowboarding Tricks so breaking them down into air tricks, flips, grab tricks, inversion tricks, stalls, slides and combinations helps one to think about all of the different possibilities. Some of the most popular Snowboarding Tricks are air tricks, and they are some of the easiest to pull off if you have the right equipment and slope. Many Snowboarding Trick Names are a lot like common skateboarding tricks and are a large part of the overall boarding/skating culture.

The Ollie, Nollie, Flail, Shifty and the Soup are all well-known Snowboarding Tricks. With these Tricks of Snowboarding it helps to have a good bit of speed before trying the trick. Also, some of these Snowboarding Tricks rely heavily on a half pipe structure. The Flips in Snowboarding Tricks are often the ones associated the most with Big Air Snowboarding. Popular flips such as the Back Tuck, Barrel Roll, Gay Twist, Rodeo Flip, and the Wildcat flip are always fun to watch and a thrill to pull off. Do not try to practice flipping while you are alone; always put safety first. In addition to these small few, there are literally hundreds of other types of Snowboarding Tricks, including moves that are considered Freestyle Snowboarding Tricks which bring something new and unique to the commonly relied on old tricks.

Many resorts and ski areas across the Southeast regularly sponsor snowboarding competitions and a lot of these include freestyle competitions as well. Do you want to go snowboarding this season, or are you interested in planning a Snowboarding Trip? Check out stats and information on the Ski Resorts in the southeastern United States and plan to visit all or a handful of these fantastic places. Most of the Ski Resorts that we provide information about have wonderful terrain parks and snowboarding runs where you can practice your skills and start trying out Snowboarding Tricks that have become so popular in the sport.

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