Tina Arnold Shares her Trail Report for Ski Beech on Saturday, February 16, 2008

On Snow

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I was at Ski Beech Saturday and one of the first people to hit the slopes so I was expecting to find the best conditions of the day early on and I guess I had the best of what was there but the grooming that Beech did left a lot to be desired.  I have read that on this website from others who posted on the SkiNC board but figured that they just hit Beech on a bad day.  Maybe I did too, because there were chuncks left behind where they cut across the bottom and I saw some newbies doing pretty good until they hit those things.

For the most part I thought conditions were pretty good though even though their trail report on their website did not report the thin coverage and bare spots that were on the mountain.  Lucky for me my husband checks your website out nearly everyday and we saw that there were some thin places.  Otherwise I would have been a little disappointed. For my liking the snow was soft and forgiving when you fall!

I don’t want to come off ungrateful because as I said all in all the conditions were pretty good and there really isn’t a whole bunch of thin spots or dirt areas just some.  I also would have thought that the patrol would have marked those so people would not ski across.

I guess you can’t control the weather so we should be happy with what we got. It was a shame though to see WL (White Lightning) in such yuck shape although I would not have gone done it in perfect snow! My husband Rob sure missed it though.  He asked me to ask you guys why it is that Beech could not have WL open when Sugar has all of their blacks open?

Rob took some photos and will send them along on Monday! Thanks for a great site where people can post their tales!

Editor’s Note: That is to Sugar’s credit…and not only are all of Sugar’s black diamonds open, Sugar also has kept snow on Whoopdedoo (a double black).  Also Tina I changed your spelling of tales from "tails" which is what you had.  I’m GUESSING that’s what you meant!  Otherwise, send those tails along 😉

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