Traffic was Great for the Weekend, Decent Weather for Today and Cold Returns Tonight!

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Well, we made it through the last of the important holiday weekends and for those that hung around for President’s Day…the weather should be decent once the cloud cover and fog burns off.

We have been on a winter roller coaster all season long and over the last few weeks we’ve seen something of a cycle taking place. Early week mild temps, mid week cold and nice weekends. Now the last two weeks the cycle has switched to cold, snowy early in the week, nice mid week and then a bit of rain on the weekend. That was the cycle for this past week and if the weather forecast holds…may be the case again for this week.

Today should be nice with highs in the mid 40s and lows tonight that will make for some snowmaking. Tuesday looks cold and snowy with no real accumulation, but the high of 36 or so on Tuesday will make for nearly around the clock snowmaking beginning tonight, lasting through MOST of the day Tuesday and then all Tuesday night. Light snow is in the forecast for Wednesday with MORE snowmaking which COULD setup conditions for a great weekend. Right now…things are looking wet from Friday and Saturday…but that’s a long way off…so we’ll keep an eye on it for you!


The temps are falling this morning and as soon as the thermometer hits 32° or so, expect the snowmaking mechanism at resorts all over the state to crank up and begin making some much needed snow.

So if you’re headed out today just know that snowmaking will resume and continue as long as temps allow.

We watched some grooming happening in the heavy fog of the early hours this morning. Last night’s rain certainly didn’t help things for the resorts like Beech Mountain that were already looking pretty thin on Sunday. Ski Beech has reduced their open trails to 9 this morning. (Down from 12 open on Sunday.)

The rest of the resorts are reporting the same trail count totals from the weekend, and Appalachian and Sugar Mountain actually look darn nice, considering.

Snow flurries and more importantly COLD temps are on the way…so…

Enjoy your day…and THINK COLD!

Until Next time…

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