Things are Starting to Change (Leaves that is)

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The mountains are coming alive with color.

After a slow start (i.e hot and dry) to leaf season in the mountains, we are starting to see patches of color throughout the Southeast and MidAtlantic. Appalachian State’s Dr. Howard Neufield – better known as The Fall Color Guy posted this great update this morning on Facebook.

A quick look over at Resortcams shows that it is a mixed bag around the region.

Snowshoe looks to be the closest to peak, but it appears they maybe a few days from peak colors.

Railey Lake near Wisp Resort is still really green, but the cooler nights will help speed up the fall colors.

Horseshoe Farm near Asheville has some color speckled throughout as well.

Be sure to check out for live conditions and great shots of the fall color. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook (Ski Southeast), Twitter (@SkiSoutheast) or on Instagram (@SkiSoutheast) as we bring you all kinds of goodies.

Until next time, #ThinkSnow.


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