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Hi guys.

We’ve had some migration issues moving all of the databases that hold our archived stories, photos, videos, our messageboard and all to a new server. We got the move in place this past week and thought we had any potential issues covered as this new server is nearly the highest priced enterprise server available. HOWEVER, we’re still seeing some issues handling the traffic this morning and apologize for outages.

We had more than 100,000 unique visitors to SkiNC, SkiSoutheast and the webcams today and although this server is supposed to be able to handle it, for some reason we had some glitches with some "SQL throttles/governors" setups and things were unstable as heck.

We’re hopeful that we have that worked out and things seem fast and stable now, but if we have a blip or two just know we’re on it…and with the investment we have in the new server farm and Raid system, we should not have any outages whatsoever other than programmer error as we’re tweaking settings.

Stay with us as we work through this. It should be a very temporary issue. There’s never a good time to be unstable…especially with all the snow, but just know we’re doing our best to rid ourselves of any growing pains as we go forward.

Thanks guys.

Mike Doble

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