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We’ve received tons of emails from you guys about having issues connecting to the website over the last 18 hours or so. We’re aware of it and we have some admins working on things. From what we understand right now several thousands of you guys are seeing things running well, while several thousands of you are seeing "I can’t connect to the database" at various intervals on the website. Someone wrote me that you KNOW you have a successful website when you have trouble handling the traffic. The truth is the new enterprise server that we just implemented to handle the traffic is handling the traffic, but there’s some glitchy setting that is "governing" how many of you it wants to show the site to at a time. Obviously we don’t want "WEBSITE PROFILING AROUND HERE" so we’re working on it. Hopefully we’ll have the kinks worked out sometime today.
In the meantime, we have updated the SNOW REPORT and for those of you who are reading this content…we did a lot of compiling of data of where the snow has fallen and more.

Everyone knows that the snow conditions for Saturday will be POWDER right? So what you really came here to see this morning was where the most has fallen and how much, right?

For those that still want to see the SNOW REPORT, it’s available by clicking on the link at the top of the page. We’ll do a tour today and cover some other news as well, but here’s what you came here to see.

Note: Due to the database issues, we are combining both of our daily reports via the sister websites to this one report.

According to the official snow reporters via CoCoRaHS here’s what we’re seeing as of 7am this morning:

Appalachian Ski Mountain – 8.0"

Cataloochee Ski Area – 8.0"

Sugar Mountain – 8.0"

Beech Mountain – 7"

Sapphire Valley Ski Area – 6.9"

Wolf Ridge Resort – 5.2"

Wisp Resort – 0"

Winterplace Resort – 6"

Canaan Valley – .6"

Snowshoe Mountain – 1"

Timberline Resort – .6"

Ober Gatlinburg – 1"

Bryce Resort – 2"

Massanutten Resort – 1"

The Homestead – 4"

Wintergreen Resort – 2"

Asheville, NC – 11.8"

Bakersville (out towards Little Switzerland) – 7.0"

Winston Salem (not near any ski area!) – 6.5"

Foscoe, NC (normally "no snow Foscoe" – 6.4"

Another 3-6" is forecasted for today before ending…

Here’s the tour:

Appalachian Ski Mountain – 15° – 8" of snow – 100% Open – They did not make snow last night (because God did the work for them) and they will not be making snow during sessions today or tonight. Great POWDER conditions and the access roads continue to be salted and cleared to make it easy to make it in. Look for highs today near 25° and 15° overnight tonight. Sunny and a high near freezing on Sunday. Perfect to enjoy this POWDER!

Beech Mountain Resort – 15° – 7" of snow – It looks like they’re having some issues with their website this morning as their snow report line atop the site is not reporting conditions as of this morning and they are reporting NO SNOW. We called up and listened to Gil Adams’ snow report and it’s obvious he’s fighting some kind of bug (get well Gil!) but he is reporting that "all slopes should be open today" but they showing the Oz Run as CLOSED as well as Upper Southern Star. If you’re headed to Beech you might want to call ahead and check on those if those closed trails make a difference. (A LOT of people love the Oz Run!) Gil also advised calling ahead for tubing. Conditions will be awesome atop Beech’s 5500′ -plus elevation today! By the way, the 7" this morning takes Beech to 60" on the season!

Cataloochee Ski Area – 24° – 8" of snow – 100% open – They actually closed Friday evening due to the heavy snow for the safety of their guests. That bummed out a few people who emailed us last night, but The Cat is always looking out for their guests. They offer tubing and all 16 trails open for today. Highs should be in the 20s today with perfect conditions.

Sugar Mountain – 19° – 8" of snow – They are 100% open including all 20 trails, snow tubing and ice skating. They are reporting 8" of new snow which jives with our official reporting station and that takes Sugar to 57.3" on the season. It looks like Sugar has the snow guns turned off now! Enjoy!

Wolf Ridge Resort – 29° – 5.2" of snow – They are reporting that the snowguns are turned off for today and that all 20 trails will be open as well as their terrain park and tubing park. They write, "We will have the entire mountain open today serviced by all 5 lifts including our infamous Bowl black diamond run and the upper lodge ski through tunnel Breakaway slope. What an incredible day to be at the Wolf. Get here early and be the first to shred the snow."

* Wolf is reporting 4" of snow but our official snow reporting station shows 5.2" of snow.

Sapphire Valley Ski Area – 26° – 6.9" of snow – They got in the snow act with this storm and this near seven inches gives them nearly 16" on the season for the little family resort that includes a couple of slopes and a tubing park. They are open this weekend with their one trail and the bunny hill. The Frozen Falls Tubing Park is open as well.

Wisp Resort – 4° – No New Snow – They made snow and have 30 of 32 trails open for today as well as their popular mountain coaster, snow tubing park and ice skating. Some wrap around snow should fall at the Garrett County Maryland resort today (perhaps 1-3") and conditions will be awesome.

Canaan Valley Resort – 5° – TRACE of snow – They are expecting 1-3" of snow via the wrap around affect of this storm. They will offer 25 of 39 trails for today as well as ice skating and airboarding. Great conditions. For those looking to Cross Country ski there – they have closed that terrain for this weekend…until more snow falls.

Snowshoe Mountain – 15° – 1" of new snow and 110" on the season – They are expecting some more snow today. Snowshoe is 100% open with the most terrain in the region at 60 trails, serviced by all 14 lifts. Laura Parquette writes, "An inch of fresh snow fell overnight last night, but the snow continues to fall here this morning and up to another 6" is expected before the day is over. We groomed everything last night before the snow moved in, which means we should have a nice top layer of powder to start off the morning. And Mother Nature will just keep refreshing the powder stashes as the day goes on."

* We’ve heard from 30+ of our closest messageboard friends who are already planning to attend the / Snowshoe Summit. We’ll get in on the promotional act Monday AM, but PLAN ON BEING THERE WITH US. Jump over to the messageboard and plan to join us.

Timberline Resort – 4° – .6" of snow – They are 100% open today with all 37 trails, terrain parks and snow tubing with packed powder conditions. More snow is falling. They’ve seen 122.3" of snow on the season!

Winterplace Resort – 18° – 6" of snow – Obviously Winterplace was within the path of the heaviest snowfall in the state today. Snowshoe & other reported one-half to one inch and they get 6". Great for the popular I-77 resort! They are 100% open and offer tubing and terrain parks as well.

Ober Gatlinburg – 32° – 1" of snow – 100% open with tubing and terrain park open as well as their indoor ice rink.

Bryce Resort – 15° – 2" of snow – It is snowing there this morning as well and Bryce is 100% open with tubing open as well.

Massanutten Resort – 20° – 1" of snow – They are not reporting any but our official snow reporting station there is reporting one inch of new snow! They are 100% open with tubing and all 14 trails.

The Homestead – 10° – 4" of snow – They are reporting 10 trails open for today which we didn’t even KNOW they HAD 10 trails! They are open for night skiing as well.

Wintergreen Resort – 4° – 2" of snow – They are open with 25 trails, snow tubing and terrain parks. Although they are not reporting it, they have received 2" of snow thus far and more is falling.

We’re on day 63 and there are 74 more days of opportunities to enjoy the snow for the 2009-2010 ski and snowboarding season!

That’s it for today. Go enjoy the snow! Check out the Snow Report at  and please send us your favorite ski photos, ski videos, trip reports and comments to [email protected]  

SSAA: 3 for 63/several/self 61/63

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