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West Virginia Safety

snowshoe resortWhether you’re staying in your very own Snowshoe Mtn. Real Estate or in Snowshoe Hotel-type Lodging like the Inn at Snowshoe Mountain, Snowshoe Mountain Resort Rentals, Snowshoe Condos, or Snowshoe Hotels, one thing is for sure: The staff at this West Virginia Ski Resort want you to be safe during your Ski WV vacation. For that reason, Snowshoe Ski Resort has instituted a few simple rules meant to ensure the safety of their guests. While on the West Virginia Ski Slopes, you’ll want to adhere to these rules and do your part to look out for the safety of yourself and your fellow skiers and WV Snowboarders.

Those who want to Ski WV at Snowshoe Mountain Resort are expected to employ many of the same tactics drivers use to reduce the risk of traffic accidents. When enjoying a Ski Vacation in West Virginia, a little common sense can go a long way:

  • People in front of you always have the right of way, so you always need to make sure to look out for them and yield to them when necessary.
  • If you’re merging onto a trail or about to ski down the West Virginia Ski Slopes, you’ll want to look uphill and yield to other skiers, because they have the right of way.
  • You’ll also want to be sure to stay in control at all times, so that you’re always able to stop when necessary and able to steer clear of other skiers and anything else that might be in your path.
  • Make sure you keep on the look out for signs and warnings that will keep you informed about the trail on which you’re skiing. If you see a trail or area that is closed, avoid it.
  • Do not stop where you’re likely to block a trail or where you’re not visible to other skiers, as this could lead to danger collisions.
  • Make sure you take precautions that will lessen the probability that your WV Ski equipment will get away from you and become a hazard to other skiers.
  • Make sure you’re comfortable with lifts before using them. If not used properly, the lifts can be very dangerous.

Rules for Snowboarding in WV are similar. When hitting the WV Ski Slopes for some WV Snowboarding, make sure to read all the signs posted in the terrain park carefully, be aware of changing conditions, familiarize the park before attempting any tricks, do not stop or stand on features or in areas where fellow boarders will be landing, use a spotter when attempting tricks, and never attempt to perform any trick or feature that is beyond your level of ability. If you are unsure of something, the Snowshoe Mountain Resort staff is always there to answer your questions.

snowshoe resortIn addition to providing visitors with a helpful set of guidelines that are meant to ensure their safety and guarantee that the time they spend Snowshoe WV Skiing and Snowboarding in WV is as enjoyable as possible, Snowshoe West Virginia is also including a helmet in each set of Snowshoe Mountain Rentals starting in the ‘09/‘10 ski season. You can also purchase helmets at various locations throughout this Ski West Virginia resort.

Safety guidelines are in no way meant to impede the amount of enjoyment that you can get out of your time at Snowshoe Mountain West Virginia, but are actually intended to maximize the potential for safe, exciting fun for all. Use common sense, pay attention to signs, don’t attempt to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable doing or that might put others in danger, and, above all, be courteous of your fellow skiers and riders, and your Ski Vacation in WV will exceed all of your expectations! is the best online source for all information having to do with the ski resorts in the Southeast or the Mid-Atlantic. We have all the information you need to know about all of the fantastic Things to Do in West Virginia to plan your next WV Ski getaway or Snowboarding in WV trip. We also have all of the latest news on all of the Ski Resorts in Virginia and the coolest Ski Areas West Virginia. Looking for someplace close to home? We have information on all of the ski Resorts in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, plus great features like our Trip Planner, plenty of videos of all the ski resorts in the region, and even the latest weather conditions. If you’re looking for it, chances are you’ll find it at!