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Snowshoe Mountain Attractions

snowshoe mountainThere are hundreds of reasons to visit Snowshoe Mountain Resort WV this winter season, and with innumerable Snowshoe Mountain Rentals, Snowshoe Hotels, Snowshoe Motels, and Snowshoe Condos available to guests at Snowshoe West Virginia, it is no surprise that so many people flock to the resort each season to experience some of the most spectacular conditions offered by any of the WV Ski Resorts. While you and your family enjoy your fun-filled Ski Vacation in West Virginia at Snowshoe Mountain Resort WV, remember that, in addition to the prime skiing conditions at Snowshoe Mountain, there are lots of fabulous attractions in area surrounding Snowshoe Resort.

When you wake up in your Snowshoe Hotel, Snowshoe Lodge, or even the Inn at Snowshoe Mountain, you’re only a short drive away from unique and exciting Snowshoe West Virginia attractions. Pocahontas County is filled with attractions that are unlike anything you can experience elsewhere. With scenic highways, natural bogs, various state parks and national forests, and even the birthplace of author Pearl S. Buck all located within close proximity, your visit to Snowshoe Mountain Resort will surely be one you’ll never forget.

One of the area’s most unique attractions—because nothing quite like it located anywhere else on earth—is the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope, the largest fully steerable telescope in the world and the largest moving structure on land. At 485 feet tall and weighing 17 million pounds, this gigantic telescope contrasts incredibly with the rural beauty of the surrounding landscape. This Snowshoe Mountain Resort attraction fascinates young and old alike with its sheer size and power. The eleven telescopes located on the site have been used to study celestial objects that are as far as billions of light-years away and as close as our neighboring planet, Venus. Kids, parents, and grandparents who are visiting Snowshoe Mountain, WV and staying in Snowshoe Mountain Resort Rentals orSnowshoe Condos will want to take a break from the slopes to explore this extraordinary Snowshoe WV attraction.

Cranberry Glades, also a short drive away from Snowshoe, is another of the many wonderful attractions you’ll want to make time to visit during your next Ski Vacation in West Virginia. A fascinating area full of rare plants and animals, Cranberry Glades is an ecosystem said to have descended from seeds that took root in the 750-acre area over 10,000 years ago. In 1965, The United States Forest Service declared this tract of land protected in order to preserve the many unique plants and animals that reside here. In addition to rare plants and animals, the Glade is home to sphagnum bogs that are similar to those found in “Muskegs” of the Arctic Tundra. If you take time out of your Ski Vacation in West Virginia to explore this one-of-a-kind area, you’ll want to be on the lookout for such flora and fauna as the WV Northern Flying Squirrel, the American Bald Eagle, the Pitcher Plant, Red Spruce trees and Yellow Birches. A half-mile, wheel chair accessible boardwalk is available so that guests can explore the area without doing damage to the fragile ecosystem.

snowshoe wv attractionsIf you love the outdoors, you’ll want to spend a day exploring the many state forests, national parks, and other natural wonders in the Snowshoe Mountain Resort area. Leave your Snowshoe Mountain Hotel early one morning to make sure you have time to take in all of the scenic beauty of Snowshoe Mountain West Virginia resort and the area that surrounds it. The Highland Scenic Highway, Monongahela National Forest, Watoga State Park, Seneca State Forest, and Beartown State Park are just a few of the places in the Snowshoe Resort WV area in which natural beauty abounds.

If you happen to be a history buff, or just want to experience life at a slower pace, several historic railroads operate in the vicinity of your Snowshoe Condo or Snowshoe Hotel. The Cass Scenic Railroad was originally built in 1901 to haul lumber from the mill in Cass. Today, visitors to Snowshoe Mountain Resort are delighted by the The Cass Scenic Railroad’s ability to transport them to a simpler time. The Durbin Greenbrier Railroad offers visitors four different historical trains, which operate out of the historic town of Durbin, WV. Each of the trains takes passengers on the ride of a lifetime, in which they will experience the beauty of the area surrounding the West Virginia Ski Resorts like never before.

So, during your next Ski Vacation in WV, make sure to check out all of the great attractions in the area surrounding Snowshoe West Virginia. With so many Snowshoe Mountain Resort Rentals, Snowshoe Mountain Condo Rentals, and so much Snowshoe Mountain Hotel-type Lodging available to the many people who travel to Snowshoe Resort WV, you and your group will surely find the Snowshoe Mountain Rentals that fit your needs. And with so many fabulous things to do at Snowshoe Mountain, WV, you can’t go wrong staying in Snowshoe Mountain Resort Rentals. Whether you stay at one of the many rentals available through Snowshoe Ski Resort or one of the Snowshoe Mountain Cabin Rentals available in the Snowshoe Resort area, you’ll love experiencing not only the winter sports that are so popular at Snowshoe WV, but also the many unique attractions that will make your Ski Vacation in West Virginia one of your best trips yet!

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