Snowshoe Mountain

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Snowshoe Mountain is Kid Friendly

snowshoe ski packagesSnowshoe Resort WV is the ideal destination for a family vacation. With dozens of activities that people of all ages will enjoy either right in the resort or in the area surrounding Snowshoe Ski Resort, you’re guaranteed to find something you love at Snowshoe Mountain, WV. Families with young children often take WV Ski Vacations to enjoy all of the great family-oriented Things to Do in West Virginia and many families love to experience the thrill of the fabulous West Virginia Ski Slopes together, but what if your child does not know how to Ski WV or snowboard? If your child needs to learn how to Ski West Virginia, Snowshoe Mountain Resort offers plenty of options that will ensure that your child will leave knowing how to get the most enjoyment out of the West Virginia Ski Slopes.

The staff at Snowshoe Mountain is committed to helping each and every individual that sets foot on the West Virginia Ski Slopes learn how to have a great time. Snowshoe offers a variety of children’s programs that will teach kids all the ins and outs of skiing and Snowboarding in WV. At Snowshoe Resort WV, your child’s safety is the staff’s top priority, so you can rest assured knowing that all children under the age of twelve will be required to wear helmets. Don’t have a helmet? No problem! All youth ski and Snowboarding in WV Snowshoe Mountain Rentals packages will include a helmet, and helmets will be available at a number of Snowshoe Mountain Rentals locations throughout the resort.

Beginner skiers ages four to six can enjoy a variety of options when it comes to developing their skills with the help of the staff at Snowshoe Resort WV. Half-day programs are available for $69, with either morning or afternoon lessons available. If you think your child is ready for a full day of instruction, try the 8:45 AM – 4:15 PM option for $124. This program includes lunch. Unfortunately, Snowshoe Mountain Resort WV does not have a group program for four- to six-year-olds who want to learn to Snowboard in WV at this time; if your young child wishes to learn how to board, Snowshoe Mountain

For older skiers, ages seven to twelve, the same options are available. The half-day options are offered from 8:45 AM to 11:45 AM and 1:15 PM to 4:15 PM. This option costs $69 and does not include lunch. The full-day option, from 8:45 AM to 4:15 PM, includes lunch and costs $124. Classes are available for children ages seven to twelve who want to learn about WV Snowboarding.

snowshoe ski packagesThe professional staff at Snowshoe Ski Resortis well-equipped to teach your child how to ski or board the fabulous slopes of Snowshoe WV. Imagine the memories your child will make skiing and Snowboarding WV for the first time at Snowshoe Resort WV. Not only will your child learn skills and gain confidence doing so, but he or she will have the time of his or her life on Snowshoe West Virginia’s great WV Ski Slopes. The caring and professional staff will take the time to make sure your child learns not only the mechanics of these two beloved winter sports, but will also teach your child skiing and Snowboarding WV etiquette and the group environment will give you child the opportunity to make new friends and learn to work well as part of a group. While learning to ski and snowboard at Snowshoe Mountain Resort, your child will learn skills that will benefit them not only on the WV Ski Slopes, but throughout their lives! However, if you don’t feel that your child is ready to spend time on the slopes, Snowshoe Ski Resort does offer childcare for children ages 12 weeks to 10 years old at the Snowshoe and Silver Creek areas. is the place to go if you’re looking for information about any of the ski resorts in the Southeast or the Mid-Atlantic regions, including all of the Best Ski Resorts in West Virginia, and all of the Virginia Ski Areas as well. Make sure you explore the site to find out about all of the best Virginia Ski Packages and West Virginia Ski Vacations. Our advertisers offer some of the greatest deals on Things to Do in West Virginia and you might even be able to find the perfect Snowshoe Mtn. Real Estate or Snowshoe Condos for yourself or your is the place to go for information on all of your favorite ski resorts!