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Most of our visitors are aware that we’ve been displaying some pretty cool videos from some of our member ski areas over the years and that those videos can be accessed from several navigational links from the front page of the website. However, inexplicably we get several emails a day asking us "How do we get to the videos?"

Perhaps it is one of those "If it was a snake it would bite you" things but the "Featured Videos" link has been right on the front page of the website near the top of the page (third column) of both and However to make things EVEN easier for the viewers of at least our main website – we’ve placed the LIVE VIDEO for the Featured Video of the Day, etc right on the page. viewers can still click the Video Link Graphic on that website, however viewers will now see the latest video right on the page. We provided videos that way in the past, but we’re brought that feature back with the twist that the video will play right in a convenient player window that when closed will have you right back on the front page.

You can still reach the main Video Page with a link right below the featured video. We continue to add some real players to our as along with staffers such as Lauren Style and Lisa Clough who have always been active at the Summits etc – we now have Sarah Davis working to communicate within the region’s ski area managers to help get the word out about all the happenings across the area.

We’ve now added Kenny Griffin to our staff and he’s not only assisting to get all of our cameras fully operational – he’s also working to provide a steady flow of video blogs from around the region.

So stay tuned.

Check out the Featured Video on and visit the Video Page for more at:

More to come. Email me at: [email protected]

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