APPALACHIAN MOUNTAINS get pounded by NOR’Easter!!

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Big Congratulations go out to Kevin McNamara today, December’s On-Snow Reporter-of-the-Month and winner of $500 big ones!! It’s easy, just take a bunch of great photos, send us Trip Reports, and get PAID!! So, again, Congrats to Kevin, and we can’t wait to give away more money at the end of this month!!

The Nor’easter continues to pound many of the Ski areas along the Appalachian Mountains from Wolf Ridge and Cataloochee all the way up to Wisp Resort! More snow is on the way so keep an eye on snow totals tomorrow and Friday. Weather reports will be coming from new SkiSoutheast/Appnet team member Kenny Griffin starting today, so be sure to check back for that!!

As many of you loyal SkiNC and SkiSoutheast family members may have noticed in the last day, the Messageboard is down. Whether this remains a permanent thing or something temporary has yet to be determined. I would like to encourage all of you to continue to do Trip Reports and to continue sending videos and photos. You can send your content directly to me at [email protected] or [email protected].  

There have been many questions in the last week or so concerning both the Beech Summit and the Snowshoe Summit in March. The Beech Summit is confirmed for Saturday, January 22nd. The ticket prices for members of the SkiNC will be announced shortly….As for more information about the Snowshoe Summit, I am working on that and as soon as I have details from Mike and the awesome team up at Snowshoe, you guys will be the first to know.

It is continuing to snow across the region and our ski areas are getting dumped on…again!!

North Carolina

Appalachian Ski Mountain – 11°- Open today on 100% of the mountain under 2.5 inches of fresh snow, 51.2 inches this season! Appalachian will be open today from 9am-10pm for skiing and riding. The ice skating rink will also be open today. Students and teachers out of school? Appalachian offers discounted tickets and rentals for students and teachers who are out of school for a snowday!

Beech Mountain – 6°- Powder days at Beech continue!! Beech has another 4.2 inches of fresh powder this morning bringing their season total to 95.5 inches! Beech will not be making snow during the day session for the rest of the week making for great conditions with no interference!! They are open on 100% of the mountain today! Check out Beech Mountain’s snowday specials!

Cataloochee – 15°- Open today on 16 of 16 slopes with and 5 lifts running with an additional 1.3 inches of new snow! Cataloochee is open for day, twilight and night skiing. In honor of Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month, with the purchase of lift ticket and rental, you can get a ski or snowboard lesson for free! The first 250 people who sign up for a lesson will receive a FREE (non-holiday Monday-Friday) lift ticket to return this season! Conditions are perfect for learning!!!

Sugar Mountain – 8°- Open today on 100% of the mountain with 20 slopes and trails and 7 lifts! Sugar got an additional 2.8 inches of snow in the last 24 hours bringing their season total to 79.1 inches! A frostbite warning is in effect at Sugar which means a hat and pair of gloves are required! Ice skating and tubing are also open today. No snowmaking taking place during day sessions!!

Wolf Ridge – 19°- Open today adding Howling, Timberwolf, Southern Express, Flame Out and The Bowl as snow conditions will allow. They are open with a total of 16 of 20 trails today. Wolf Ridge pulled down an additional 3 inches of perfect powder in the last day bringing the season total to 80.6 inches of snow! They are open for skiing and riding for day and night sessions!! Check out Wolf Ridge’s "Out of School" Specials for students and teachers.


Bryce Resort – 28°- Proud to report that Bryce got .6 inches of snow in the last 24 hours bringing their season total to 2.6 inches

Massanutten – 27°- Open today on 14 of 14 slopes and trails for skiing and riding from 9am-9pm! Be sure to check out the two terrain parks at Mass for some fun features updated daily!! Massanutten is also open today for tubing on 8 lanes!!

Wintergreen – 16.7°- Open today on 25 of 26 slopes and trails with great conditions and perfect temperatures!! Wintergreen will be open from 9am-9pm for skiing and riding both day and night sessions. The Plunge Tubing Park will re-open tomorrow at 4pm following several days of intense snowmaking!!

West Virginia

Canaan Valley – 11°- And the snow dumpage (for lack of better words) continues in West Virginia. Canaan nabbed another 7.4 inches of snow in the last 24 hours. Their season total is absolutely ridiculous at 107.5 inches. Conditions could not be better at Canaan this week with tons of fresh powder everywhere. Canaan is open for the day session only on 36 of 39 trails with 2 lifts! If there was ever a time to head to West Virginia, now is the time. And remember it’s Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. What better conditions are there than fresh powder??

Snowshoe Mountain – 8°- Absolutely buried under 11 inches of fresh, wonderful , fluffy powder!! With 55 open trails and slopes and 12 lifts getting you there, there’s plenty of powder to go around!! that last inch will probably have accumulated. The morning report says,

"Snow should continue to fall steady through tomorrow, and another FOOT of accumulation is expected–and that may be the conservative estimate. The snow that’s falling is a perfect light, fluffy powder and it will be an amazing day on the slopes! We did attempt to groom everything but Lower Shay’s last night, but there will be fresh snow EVERYWHERE this morning as the snow is falling faster than our groomers can keep up with! We do expect some wind today and we may see some gusts that could cause periodic delays with our lifts, particularly our high speed detachables–Ballhooter, Western Express and Soaring Eagle. Please pay attention to Snowshoe personnel and signage, and our digital screens, located throughout the resort, are a great source of up-to-the-minute information! Don’t forget, wind is less of a factor at the Silver Creek area which has just as much snow this morning! Slopes like Bear Claw and Fox Chase will be tons of fun on this powder day!"

Look for these fun features in Spruce Glades Terrain Park: large and medium jump line, rainbow rail, butterbox, unbow box, c-rail and more. Features available in the Powdermonkey Small Park: butterbox, surface box, 2 small rails, flat-down box, down box, and a small jump. Tubing and snowmobiling are both also open later today!

Timberline Resort – 11°- Just like it’s neighbor Canaan, Timberline has pulled down another 7.4 inches of snow!! Open today on nearly the entire mountain with 38 of 39 slopes and trails! Conditions just don’t get any better than they are right now in West Virginia. Snow totals in the 100’s mean it’s been great so far and it’s just going to get better. Timberline’s backcountry skiing is also open with a 4-17" base of all natural powder, there’s no fee to explore, just use caution and look for hidden obstacles. So, if you’re feeling froggy be sure to check it out.

Winterplace – 14°- Open today with 3 new inches of freshies for skiers and riders to enjoy on 26 of 28 slopes and trails!! More snow is on the way and conditions are awesome! Check with Winterplace for awesome Learn to Ski and Snowboard packages on the cheap! Winterplace is also open for tubing on the largest Snowtubing Park in West Virginia!!!


Wisp Resort – 18°- Open today on 100% of the mountain! All 32 trails are ready with 7 inches of fresh POWDER bringing their season total to 96 inches!!!! Wisp is open for day AND night sessions today!! And it’s Local’s Day, so look for some great deals!! Also open today: the Mountain Coaster, Ice Skating and Snowtubing!! There’s something for everyone! Terrain Parks are open with features including: table, flat box, flat down, bench, shotgun rail and a 30ft jump!! Awesome conditions out there!!!


Ober Gatlinburg – 24°- At long last, Ober is 100% open!! Grizzly opens today, so look for killer skiing and riding all over the mountain!! With an additional 2 inches of snow covering the mountain and snowmakers bombing the hill the slope will be amazing!! Ober is open today from noon to 10pm and a full day ticket is only $30! The terrain park has several fun features worth checking out and Tubing is also open!!!


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