Kent Welke Reports from Cataloochee on Day One!

On Snow

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Made it up to CAT at just after 8:30 and to my surprise the lower lot was full. I saw Stinky’s sweet truck parked by the equipment garages and pulled up to find the Stinkster inside, needless to say he was stoked for the day. Stink watched my truck while I went in to get my season pass. I was greeted by Tammy with a big Heeeeyyyy and a oh no we are in trouble this season!!! Ski Mastercraft was also in line to get his pass. Back to my truck to find a space… and lo and behold a rasta dread-haired figure and 2slixstix are waving me over… park up there dreamn, they exclaim. 2slix drove from Raleigh…. that’s dedication. Same with Waynecash driving from Atlanta.

We gear-up and hit the slopes. Despite having just one run open, they had great coverage. We even went "off piste" to get some untracked below the lift. There was alot of boarders up there and the turnout was more than I expected. I was only able to ski for and hour and a half, but it was worth it. Waynecash and his wife showed up as I was leaving. Enjoy the pics. See everyone next weekend for the party!

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Some crazy, fun loving folks enjoyed a blue sky, sunny and snow-filled day at Cataloochee on Saturday – This photo was submitted via the messageboard
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