Anthony Clemons Hawksnest Trip Report for Saturday Night, January 20th, 2007

On Snow

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Arrived to find the parking lot much more crowded than the last time I was there. One thing had not changed though…..the talent. More hotties per square acre of snow than any other resort around here. My bro and I got our passes and threw our boots on and were headed to the lift in about 10mins. Temp was a steady 25 degrees, very little wind, and after about an hour they stopped making snow on the open trails and moved to Top Gun. Perfect!

They had a nice kicker set up towards the end of Ravens Run, caught some decent air off that. It was also fun watching the gapers try and well, lets just say that you heard the phrase "spread daffy, spread!" a lot from the chair lift!

Crowds were not as bad as I was expecting from the parking lot, there was never a lift line of more than about 4-8 people. Snow was GREAT! Surprisingly, there was a decent amount of manmade powder. I would guess about 4-6 inches of manmade powder laying over hardpack. It got a little icy in some spots, but overall the conditions were just perfect!

Great time – and I will be going back…..I love that they are open so late, so I can go on Saturday since I have to work every one of them.

One last thing to note – On the way down the hill through Seven Devils, I round a corner, and an SD Police vehicle pulls out real fast behind me and tailgates me all the way down the hill. Finally, I guess he figured I wasn’t drinking, so he turned off. Still annoying though.

We posted Anthony’s photos and they can be seen by clicking HERE

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