Snowboarding Park

Snowboarding Park

In 1998, the sport of snowboarding changed forever when snowboarding was included in the Nagano Winter Olympics. Since then, the sport has exploded and almost every Ski Resort in the southeastern states has a terrain park or a Snowboarding Park area designated especially for boarders and extreme skiers to practice their skills. Each and every ski area that we cover allows snowboarding on all trails and runs. However, a specialized Snowboarding Park area is an amenity that boarders seem to flock to. While each Snowboarding Park and terrain park is different, many have common elements and features: some are enormous and others are smaller areas that contain boxes and rails.

Terrain Parks and most Snowboarding Parks are designated and marked differently than the other slopes and runs at each resort. Often, a Snowboarding Park will be marked with Orange Ovals and further categorized by its features. A Snowboarding Park with numerous jumps, boxes, rails and other tools that boarders and extreme skiers use to perform tricks would be labeled a large park, whereas a Snowboarding Park with only a few boxes and rails would be designated as a small Snowboarding Park. Most often, the large parks have elements that are easy for beginners, but also contain long jumps that aid in helping experts perfect their tricks.

In addition to rails, jumps and vertical half pipes, Snowboard Parks often include other random elements which are known as jibs. Jibs are anything that can be ridden by the board or skis in a parallel or perpendicular fashion. Most jibs are everyday outdoor items, including things like a park bench, mail box and bonks, which are designed to resemble garbage cans.

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