Winterplace, Canaan, and Sapphire Valley All Open The Slopes Today; Wisp Opens Two More Trails For Day Two

First Trax

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It’s a beautiful day for an opening day, and we’ve got three of those on tap for you today.

Winterplace, Canaan Resort, and Sapphire Valley Resort all drop the ropes today for the start of the season.

I’m at App Ski this morning, and people are ripping the courdory until it gets turned over by the weekend rush.

If you’re a park rat, I have good news: the features set up in Appl Jack and Appl Jam are a bit more conducive to putting together a full line. For my elderly park rats (ages 25 and older) there are some very low risk, high reward features including a flat box.

For those looking to work on their carving this morning, Upper Big Appl is wide open, and was relatively untracked for those looking to channel their inner big mountain Jeremy Jones.

I will say, for all the talk about a warmup coming our way ahead of the storm, it’s a chilly one out there this morning in North Carolina’s high country. Bring a few different options for outerwear today if you’re headed to App, Sugar or Beech. Though it is supposed to warm up to about 45 degrees, that temperature is sure to drop when the sun goes down.

I was at Beech yesterday with SkiSoutheast’s Brian Dix. If you see a few SkiSoutheast stickers in the wild out that way, thank him for the inspiration.

There was much more coverage at Beech yesterday than the last time I was there. It seems like the dusting that occurred earlier in the week has stuck around with the cold temperatures.

One of the highlights of our day yesterday was learning that Upper Robbin’s Run was open. It’s the first time the run has been open during my three trips to Beech, and it was super playful. There’s a mellow enough decline right down the middle of the trail for any beginners who are looking to end their day by venturing into some more challenging territory, but a ton of surprises off to the sides.

Beech also had some terrain park features open. For both the beginners and elderly park rats who have to go to work on the morning, don’t worry, there are plenty of mellow features, including a rainbow tail in which you never have to leave the ground to hit.

One warning about Robbin’s Run and the entryway to the park: once the sun began to set, there were some hidden ice patches the crept up on me. Keep that in mind later in the day, or if you’re headed there for a night session.

I feel like I don’t often offer unsolicited advice, but here is some: if you’re on the fence about going to the mountain, get out there today. There’s a nasty nor’easter that meteorologist Brad Panovich explains in much better detail coming all up and down the east coast tomorrow, starting as early as 6 a.m. in some parts of the region.

The good news is that the rain could leave us with some powder, and in the case of West Virginia, we may just be talking about a foot instead of inches.

Here’s what’s going on across the southeast today.


The new Powder Monkey lift is up and running at Snowshoe, and the people are excited about it.It is the first new chairlift installed at Snowshoe since 2006 and will increase uphill capacity, and ease congestion in the Basin area. It will also improve access to the Western Territory. Matt Laws has more on that here for you.

Here’s what the team over there has to say about today:

Happy Saturday from the Island in the Sky! Sunshine and mild temperatures will make for soft snow and good times out there today. In case you missed it, Silver Creek and Soaring Eagle are now open, and the new Powder Monkey lift is spinning so be sure to give it a go this weekend. Mountaineer Park is open with new features at Silver Creek. Progression Park is open in the Basin with a fun mix of features, including a fresh jump!”

There will also be a laid back rail jam to celebrate the start of the Silver Creek season. Check in is from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Bear’s Den inside the Silver Creek lodge. The rail jam starts at noon, and registration is $15, and does not include a lift ticket.

Wintergreen kicked off its season yesterday, and is back open again today from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. There are six runs open, including Lower Dobie, Upper Dobie, and the Progression Park.

The Potato Patch double and Blue Ridge Express six-pack lifts are both running.


There are two more trails open on day two at Wisp.

The Face and Backbone are open today, increasing the total number of runs open to nine.

Thanks to everyone that joined us on Discord.

Think snow!

Think cold!

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Keep skiing the southeast.

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