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A West Virginia delegate has proposed a bill that would create a West Virginia Ski Resort Industry Commission charged with, among other things, identifying promising locations for new ski resort developments and developing policies to encourage ski industry growth.

John Doyle, D-Jefferson, is the lead sponsor of HB4192. "There are dozens of places in West Virginia with elevations of more than 4,000 feet that would provide at least 1,500 feet of vertical drop," said Doyle, a ski instructor in his non-legislative life. "Even if just a few of them are eventually developed as ski areas, I’m convinced we could double the number of skiers that are coming here now."

Doyle’s bill calls for creating a nine-member ski industry commission consisting of three delegates, three senators, two citizens with ski industry expertise, and the secretary of commerce or a designee. The commission would issue a report on its findings and recommendations during the October 2011 interim meetings. West Virginia’s ski resorts currently draw more than 800,000 skier visits annually, pumping an estimated $250 million into the economy.

Information provided with permission from: The Snow Industry Letter

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