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First Trax

As promised, Brad Panovich has posted his 11th Annual Winter Skier’s Forecast. You can click here (2015-2016 Winter Forecast) and read all of the details. I’ll admit that I thought Brad was sending his normal video forecast, but what he’s provided is certainly full featured and full of all of the mind-numbing details that a lot of our readers love.

The short of it is that Brad seems to be siding with those who are forecasting the Southeast and mid-Atlantic ski areas to have a somewhat cooler than normal winter and he predicts that moisture will be plentiful. When I was speaking with him the other day, that is the ONE thing that he kept revisiting. He stated, “I really think this winter will be a wet one and that could translate to being snowy at times with 3-6 really big-event kind of snow, but it will also mean that we’ll see more ice than normal and probably some periods where it’s just wet.”

Okay – THAT doesn’t sound all that great! We certainly have to admit that this current Autumn has been a wet one. Hopefully that continues as we get into Winter, but we can also hope that it will be cold enough to generate much more snow than too many of those wet and miserable days.

Minus a Brad Panovich video, I went looking to see if Joe Bastardi of WeatherBell had updated HIS Winter forecast. While I was looking, I found THIS AWESOME video that pretty much sums up the sentiment of all of our readers.

Check it out:


Joe Bastardi of WeatherBell HAS posted his latest update weather video and it shows a cold Thanksgiving to Christmas period.

Check it out:

Let’s hope the cold and snow hits right after Thanksgiving as admittedly right now, we’re not seeing any snowmaking temps from now through November 27th.


As of this report SUGAR MOUNTAIN is making snow from about mid-station UP. They are hosting a Grand Opening of their new Summit Express lift tomorrow so we’re thinking that they are simply cranking out all the snow that they can to make it a special day – even if it doesn’t last more than 1-2 days. Kudos to them. (We’ll try to get you come photos today and our new reporter, Randy Johnson will BE THERE to get some photos and videos tomorrow…so check back.)


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