Sugar Mountain is Making Snow! (Click to see more!)

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Sugar Mountain Ski Resort making snow

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All we can tell you is that Sugar IS making snow. I drove up at around 2pm and snapped a couple of long-range shots (sorry for the lack of quality) but I was just on my way to the hardware store.

Saying that, I saw 39° on my truck as I reached the pinnacle of Sugar Mountain at the end of Trails End – up at The Reserve. The winds were howling so I didn’t get out and try to snap any images. The forecast is calling for 27° overnight and Sugar looks to be ready to crank out all of the snowmaking that it can to create some “ambiance snow” for the 10am RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY.

Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina will among those in attendance for the big event.

Our newest reporter, Randy Johnson will be on hand to capture the moment and we’ll share some photos and videos once we get those tomorrow.

I was able to speak briefly Sugar’s administration office, but was not able to confirm whether lift rides would be available and/or if so, whether there would be a charge for that. I know that Sugar charged for lift rides during their Oktoberfest festival, but with this being a special event, we’re not certain.

In speaking with Joanie within Sugar’s Admin office, it was pretty apparent that Sugar will ATTEMPT to make enough snow to OPEN on Saturday. Obviously that is a long shot, but don’t count Gunther Jochl and their talented snowmaking crew out.

We’ll update you as we get any news.

Here are some images that we captured. Forgive the lack of quality. As you can clearly see – thus FAR the only snowmaking has been on the upper part of the mountain. However the temps SHOULD dip enough to allow snowmaking from top to bottom later this evening.



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