Valentine’s Day at Sugar Mountain

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My dad and I skied at sugar on sunday. The morning was fine, we mostly stayed above the mid load point. At lunch time there weren’t many people out then, at about 1:30 or 2:00 all hell broke lose and the whole base area was a massive group of people. I waited for about 20 mins at the green chair, im guessing the yellow chair was at least 30 or 40 minutes :/ anyway, we didnt make too many runs after that because even the midway was about a 10 minute wait. The snow was fantastic and there was a lot of it, the woods had at least 15 inches in them, some areas was more like 20+, most everything is skiable, this would be a great time to ski nc BC near the tn line, just sayin.

I did ski under the green chair and pretty much tracked it out myself. they got 4-6 inches of snow on saturday which was unexpected for the most part and it was super light fluffy snow that was great to ski untracked.

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Photos provided by SkiNc/ MB Member skiing rules.

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