Cold, Snowmaking and some Light Snow are On the Way!

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Happy President’s Day everyone! Someone emailed me a quick question that really doesn’t relate to skiing and snowboarding, but I guess is somewhat related since we’re celebrating that holiday today. The question was, "I bet you can’t tell me the presidents that are honored with the President’s Day holiday."

Okay that was more of a statement than a question, but of course I immediately thought okay I know that it’s Washington and Lincoln…but then I began (for some screwy reason) trying to think of "the third" president that was supposed to be in that mix. THANKFULLY, I didn’t allow that brain hiccup to last too long before using this great thing called the "internet" to inform me that I had gotten it right…but that I could also relax my overworked mush for brains…because there wasn’t a third one!

So happy birthday to Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Hey, aren’t they dead? (I’ll have to go to that internet thing again ;-))


If you heard a long, cleansing, slow breath THAT was the collective breath of all of the ski area owners, managers and marketing people because they all just made it through the last of the important skier visit, traffic-holiday weekends with good enough terrain and good enough product (conditions) to attract large crowds for the third and final all-important holiday weekend.

Of course there’s still Monday to get through, but most of the heavier skier-visit numbers are experienced Friday-Sunday, with a fair number getting in another ski day today.

In quick summary, the Christmas/New Year Holiday week was good, but slightly off from setting any records in terms of skier visits. Most of the seventeen ski areas reported slightly less than normal traffic for that most important Holiday period. However, most also told us that they were happy and could live with the numbers.

The MLK Weekend could not have been any better as far as weather and conditions were concerned. The snows that preceded that second and very important four day weekend, set the stage for a record weekend of attendance according to many ski areas. Most called that weekend a top five skier visit weekend.

The conditions and weather were not as pristine for this, the President’s Day Weekend crowd, and we’re doubting that there were any records set, but a quick glance and a couple of calls tells me that it will go down as a pretty good one as well…and THAT has all of the ski areas in the black.

We still have some four to six weeks of ski season left and often these last weeks are some of the snowiest weeks, so we can only hope that the Groundhogs were right and that we’ll get some good snows, and perfect conditions to play on and that the weekends ahead will fund some good improvements at the region’s ski resorts.

CHECK THE SLOPE CONDITIONS PAGE for the details. We’re looking at some leftover rain north and clearing skies all around. The trails counts are identical to Sunday with the exceptions of Ski Beech which pulled 3 trails off what they had open on Sunday and Wintergreen Resort dropped 8.

Both (as all the rest as well) will be focusing snowmaking and snow maintenance as the temps drop this evening.

Enjoy your day…and THINK COLD!

Until Next time…

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