Tom Corriher Shares a Nice Trip Report for Appalachian From March 17th:

On Snow

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Hi guys: Saturday morning I clicked on the App web cam and couldn’t believe they were making snow. Asked my daughter if she wanted to go up and she said she did. I fed the cows and checked the web cam about 3:00. and they were still making snow. We skied Sat night on some of the best conditions she has seen in her 7 yrs of sking. We were at Sugar several years ago when they were making snow and they had a good power surface too. Sat night we didn’t find any ice anywhere.

Although we only skied Sat night we had a good time even fighting the wind and snow. I have skied for 30+ yrs in all kinds of conditions and now I try to pick a relativly comfortable day to ski.

We’re looking foward to next year and maybe going up to Wolf Laurel, haven’t been there since 1974-75 my first time on skis and using the wonderful Spademan bindings. If they had not stopped using those bindings I would have stopped skiing. They were they worst things to try to put back on. Enjoy reading the reports.

Mt. Ulla (between Salisbury and Mooresville)

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Christopher White poses under the Big Appal guns making snow this past weekend – Photo taken by mom, Anne White
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