Thomas Probst files a TRIP REPORT to Sugar Mountain – Night Session – January 9th, 2007

On Snow

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I was so excited about the snow that I had to get my board and get out there last night. My friends Stephen, Lauren, I set our minds to it around 5 O’clock. Racing to gather my gear, and get out the door so we could get to the slopes at six. Well we made it ten after six. When we stepped out of the car you could hear the roar of the guns. We got on the slopes at 6:30 and rode to the top. I must say last night proved that gotta have the gear to ski in conditions like last night! Every gun on the slope was on so vision was a problem. It was worth it, riding on powder is so different than riding on hard pack. It felt like I was surfing. I rode past many people with no goggles; I could not believe that they would go out on a night like last night with no goggles it was hard enough to see with them. The snow was incredible. We even got to ride some closed terrain leaving only our tracks in the fresh powder. Some of the drifts were 4 to 5 inches thick. I was in heaven.

I must comment on this because it greatly angers me. My friend Stephen is a skier, and a good one at that. While Lauren and I both snowboard, the thing is snowboarders as a whole have no etiquette. Listen if you are tired or can’t snowboard PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get out of the middle of the slope. As I said before – last night vision was a problem, and as I came around a bend at the top of Sugar I almost plowed into someone just sitting smack dab in the middle of the curve. Just get over to the edge! I hate to see people just sitting there right in the middle blocking the slopes. It just gives all snowboarders a bad name.

I work for Mike (who does SkiNC) and as I sit here and argue with Mike that this not what snowboarders do. Sorry to rant but it just gets to me. I love living here for the reasons of all 4 seasons and my favorite being snowy winter. So keep your fingers crossed so we’ll get more snow this winter.

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