Thomas Brower offers a trail report for Sugar Mountain from December 29th, 2006

On Snow

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Unfortunately my dad’s race was canceled so my cousin and I did not get to see him race, but we did have a very enjoyable time anyways at Sugar today.

We started out early in the morning leaving Winston-Salem around 5:30 ish, making one stop at the Mountain House for breakfast and then continuing on our way to Sugar Mountain. In attempts to beat the lines and find a parking spot, we arrived at around 8:30, although it took my dad about 30 minutes to get ready and put on his boots :(. After we finally got our lift tickets (My father, my cousin and I) headed to the magic carpet bunny slope for my cousin’s first ever ski lesson.

After a few minutes of coaching from my dad, my cousin, 17, was parallel turning in no time. The conditions on the bunny hill were pretty sketchy, some patches and icy spots here and there, but all in all acceptable. After about 3 runs down the first bunny slope, we made our way up to easy street where the lift line was horrid. We waited about 20 minutes give or take a few minutes in line for the run for about 2 or 3 runs. The snow was a bit slushy near the bottom of the run but was fine except for a few thin spots.

When we found out that my cousin was learning very quickly we decided that we wouldn’t be spending the whole day on the green’s which was exciting. Returning to the Easy street line for a 4th time, we realized the wait was just unbearable. At this point we hiked up to the grey lift that has the 3/4 and summit unloading spots and the line was MUCH, MUCH better. Only about 10 people in line at the beginning of the day. Later in the day people started catching on and by the time we left it was barely shorter than the yellow summit lift and the easy street lift. Although my cousin was a little apprehensive at first, after we got to the top and off the lift he felt more comfortable. We took a few runs down Northridge and switchback, eventually ending up back at the grey lift. The conditions at the top we nice but also with the occasional bare/thin spots. Although, on the bend between northridge and swithcback there was a very large MUD spot on the inside of the turn.

Throughout the day the conditions worsened but were bearable. There were more icy spots and bare patches but they could all be avoided by the intermediate skier. The temperature was around 50 and felt VERY warm. You could easily get by with just a hoodie and some long pants. The only other complaints I had were the amount of people on the runs and lift lines which led to several people being taken down on sleds and constant ski patroller whistle. All in all it was a fun day on the hill but defintely could have been better.

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