A Sunny Sunday on Tap for Skiers and Snowboarders

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Let’s start off by sharing that we should see some really nice days to be on the slopes for today and the next few days with the first run of drier days that we’ve seen in a while. I detail just how WET it has been this season a little further into today’s FirsTrax blog.

I witnessed a ton of grooming happening first thing this morning so it was obvious that the grooming crews did not forget to spring their clocks forward this morning.

Saturday was a lot drier than a lot of forecasters were thinking it would be. As I looked around the region a couple of times on Saturday…the crowds were out in force. Sunday looks like a STELLAR day to be on the slopes with lots of sunshine and unseasonably mild temperatures for today.

As I mentioned, I watched some great grooming this morning and the snow is plentiful, despite the crazy wet February and March we’ve experienced across the entire region.

One kind of peculiar note – Snowshoe Mountain is calling today’s surface conditions “Spring Conditions”. I get it…the temps will be mild, so the snow will be soft, but I have never seen an average base of 50″ of snow called “Spring Conditions”. Looks pretty awesome to me.

Check the SNOW REPORT for the details if you want to go the traditional route – or you can click on the VIDEO below (turn the volume on) and watch a tour of the region’s LIVE CAMS as I shared what I could for you guys.

Funny but EVEN before I could embed the video below…we’ve already had 95 snow report views! You guys rock!


I was having a conversation on Saturday with an industry insider who shared an interesting observation. She said, “Mike, it is really amazing that we have not missed a day of skiing or snowboarding this season. In a normal year, with as much rain as we’ve experienced this season, we’d have lost our base and had to suspend operations probably more than a few days. While we have had more than the usual rain, we have also had fortunately timed cold snaps and been able to make a lot of snow in a shorter window of time. That is a great testament to the huge investments that all of our resorts have made over the last few years.”

She isn’t wrong. There is no question that ski areas can make a ton of snow overnight these days, and with snowmaking windows like this past week, the resorts can “win” over mother nature during these wetter periods.

(She asked me not to share her name since we were talking “RAIN” and industry insiders don’t like to use that word whenever possible.)

She also hinted that often this season, if the temperatures had been 2° colder, there would have been massively more natural snow.

After she shared that insight, I had a look at the rainfall totals for Blowing Rock and several areas since November 1st and it has been a whopping 25″ of rain in many locations. No wonder the ground is saturated! Using an 8″ of snow to 1″ of rain ratio…that would have been 200″ of SNOW this season in Blowing Rock. A record setter!

Seven Devils had 27.86″ of rain – that could have made it 222.88″ of snow!

Thanks to David Lesher’s Canaan Mountain Snow station and reporting service, I was able to see that Davis, WV and Canaan Valley Resort has seen 20.94″ of precip since November 1st! That could’ve, would’ve, should’ve been 167.5″ of snow!

Even the snowiest spot in the region this season (Canaan and Snowshoe) have “only” seen about 95-100″ of natural snow.

So it REALLY is amazing that we have kept the kind of really decent conditions across the entire region this season. Great advancements in snowmaking technologies; great commitments from the ski areas in investing in those; AND some good fortune that we’ve seen timely cold snaps that have allowed for the ski areas to make tons of snow. We’re still seeing 30″ to 122″ base depths out there!

A SkiSoutheast Summit Rewind, Recap

Last weekend’s Summit was such a huge hit, that I’ve had more than the usual number of emails asking me to ‘release’ when and where NEXT season’s Summit will be held. My team will tell you that we have a tough enough time setting the dates one month out…so I think we’ll table that little detail for a bit yet. The truth is that we’re getting more and more participation and support from all of the resorts and we kind of feel like we owe it to our readers (and maybe to ourselves) to ‘move it around’ some.

Who knows…maybe we can promote and host two each season moving forward. So stay tuned and we’ll shop around for the best deals that we can make for our readers (and followers) and we’ll let you know in the Fall. (Hard to believe but the START to next season is only eight months away! Haha!)

Okay, maybe we need to pace ourselves a little here and put the wraps on THIS season, which still has three weeks or so left in it.

For those who have emailed me lately asking, “What happens during a Summit”…I condensed the three day event into about 16 minutes of video, that I have shared on the front page (VIDEO SECTION) of the website, as well as BELOW and via our Facebook page.

In summary – Summits are simply a time to ski and ride with fellow snow-crazy people from around the region. Whether you share some slope time with new friends and then carry those experiences over to some après-ski time enjoying dinner and drinks – or whether you show up for the meetups for freebies, First Tracks and more – it is simply a great weekend to hang out.

Here are some scenes from this season’s Summit. Be sure to select HIGHER HD if you have the connection…and turn the volume ON or up.


We ended up receiving 14 inches of snow throughout the week, for a seasonal total of 95 inches. The powder stashes have been plentiful, and conditions have made our mountain a true gem all week. Today will be the icing on the cake, with a Sunday of outstanding skiing and riding. The upcoming week is guest appreciation week. Next weekend we will be offering room rates of $89 on Friday and Saturday, March 15th and 16th. Additionally, I will be posting pics and videos throughout the week that celebrate the outstanding season that CVR has experienced. Thank you to everyone for making this season so special, because it is our community of guests, staff, volunteers, friends, and family that are the foundation of Canaan Valley Resort. Thank you.

CATALOOCHEE – We’ve got THAT going for us…
You know over our last snowmaking run, we made an amazing amount of snow, not just for March but for anytime during the season – you really do have to see it to believe it or ski and ride it to believe it as the saying goes. We assure you we have more than enough snow for your skiing and riding experience well through the end of March. Our amazing snowmaking team has got that covered for you!

Clearing with highs near 60. Shed a layer or two and grab your sunscreen for Heroes on the Hill today. Armed Service, EMS, Fire and Police members recieve a FREE 8 hr Slope – Use ticket with a valid ID.

We did see some wet weather last night but fear not, it didn’t put much of a dent in our base. Enjoy the mild weather today as it appears cold air comes back to us tomorrow. Cascade lift will be closed today for maintenance. To access the Flying Eagle lift, follow signage from Mountaineer.

Don’t miss the Ridiculous Pass Sale! Lock in unlimited skiing/riding for the rest of this season and the ENTIRE 2019/20 season for just $259. Sale ends Thursday, March 14.

You guys know that Sugar is not a SkiSoutheast member resort – in fact the only resort in the region that isn’t – HOWEVER, we have to plug today’s event as we’ve always held it in high esteem.

The Richard T. Trundy Memorial Sugar Cup is today on Oma’s Meadow at 9 a.m. One-hundred percent of the entry fees goes to the American Cancer Society in memory of Sugar Mountain’s former Director of Operations, Richard T. Trundy. For more information – click here:

Reminder: Our winter sports will continue on Saturdays and Sundays through March, weather permitting. Lift tickets will be $35 starting March 16.

We will be operating from 9a-5p today as well as everyday for the rest of the season. We have a ton of snow left and plan on operating through at least the 17th of March.

Here are some photo shares today: click to enlarge!

Wintergreen’s unique snowtubing eco-system!
Another awesome look at Shavers Lake at Snowshoe this morning
Beech Mountain this morning as groomers head down Robbins Run!
Beech Mountain grooming up some corduroy this morning!
Just showing you guys the dry air. It’s a story!
Reader, follower, friend, past employee, Patrick Kidda sent me this shot from last weekend when he and I posed for a quick snap.
Another photo sub from Patrick Kidda at the bottom of Cupp Run and Snowshoe yesterday.
Winterplace Resort was looking pretty this morning.
Patrick Kidda shared this shot from Snowshoe on Saturday.

That’s it for today…email me if you have anything to ask or share… [email protected]


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