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Sorry for the delay posting this morning. I work remotely on the weekends and I couldn’t get into my network at the office and had to drive in and do a little maintenance before compiling all of the data and writing this update. Normally I update and with separate articles, but since I’m running late and it’s Sunday — today’s update will be the same for both sites. There’s lots going on for this President’s Day Weekend so here we go.

The Weather –

NORTH CAROLINA: We had a little light sleet/snow this morning which has almost stopped here as of this update. There may be some still going on at the higher elevations. The forecast is for this to continue on and off all day. For the most part expect a light drizzle with some chances of mixed sleet/snow/rain. The highs today are supposed to stay at or around 32-38° all day. Whatever precipitation falls will be light and shouldn’t mess up the skiing or riding today. Monday will be more of the same but a bit milder as temperatures climb into the 50s with light drizzle on and off.

THE VIRGINIAS: Areas in Virginia will see a mix of precip much like we have here in North Carolina. West Virgnia may see 1-3" of snow today as the temperatures up there will stay in the low-to-mid 30s. Monday looks to be cloudy with a chance of light rain and highs in the 48° range.

A Look Ahead at this Week: Mild temps return mid week with highs in the 40s in West Virginia and into the 50s in North Carolina. Overnight lows are expected to be in the teens and 20s (maybe a bit warmer) in West Virginia midweek and in the upper 20s and into the 30s for North Carolina. Next weekend is looking colder and the resorts should be in very nice shape for the duration.

Ski Area Notables

Cataloochee – They are normally only open for day skiing on Sundays, but this is a Holiday Weekend so they WILL be open tonight for your skiing and tubing pleasure.

Ski Beech – For all of you DISCOUNT SKIING regulars…be aware that the normal FREE SKIING FOR THE LADIES that takes place every Monday at Beech WILL NOT be in effect. Tomorrow is President’s Day so you can blame it on the government…there will be no free skiing tomorrow. That will resume next Monday though.

Sugar Mountain – Sugar is hosting the "High Country Giant Slalom competition" on Big Red today. That should be going on already…but get out and enjoy it. SEND US SOME PHOTOS IF YOU CAN!

Bryce Resort in Virginia – They are hosting the Bryce Resort Open GS Championship on Monday. If you’re attending that race…SHOOT US SOME PHOTOS PLEASE!

The Homestead – Today expect a mix of snow and rain, high 37, low 37. Enjoy down hill skiing, guided snow mobile tours, snow tubing, ice-skating, cross country skiing and much more.

Snowshoe Mountain – These guys are having a great weekend. They’ve had about seven or eight inches of snow in the last couple of days and more snow is expected today. Great conditions create great crowds, particularly on a Holiday Weekend. Word has it that Snowshoe MIGHT have set a SINGLE DAY ATTENDANCE record on Saturday! Conditions will AGAIN be great on Sunday…and if you’re up there shoot us some images and reports.

NOTE: We’ve been asked a couple of times about this…and we received this question from Christian Alexander of Abingdon, VA, "Sorry to bother you but, I’ve noticed that you have not given any Snowshoe passes away this year. Did you all not work anything out with them this year? I remember that last year they must have given you hundreds of tickets. If you did get a bunch from them when are you going to give those away? I am making a trip up there March 5-12 with a large group of friends and could really use a few of them. I would at least like to be in the drawing for the give away. Keep up the great coverage. See you around."

Actually Christian, that was TWO seasons ago and we DO have many things going with Snowshoe…however, free passes were not among them last season or this year. If they do run some kind of promotion with us…we will be sure to broadcast it for all to participate.

WISP Resort in Maryland – Can’t get enough skiing???? How about skiing ALL NIGHT? If you’re into the sound of that…get up to WISP tonight as they are doing an allnighter!

We received a TON of images from Saturday…and a fair number of ON-SNOW Reports and those will appear in a few minutes….be sure to check out the Photo Gallery for lots of new images and GET US YOUR FAVS!

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