On-Snow Reports for Today –

First Trax

Jason Tate reports from Sugar Mountain – "I skiied sugar today and all I can say is…WOW.

I can not believe how awesome the conditions were with that wind blowing. There was 4-5 inches of soft man made powder in certain wind sheltered places and at least 2 inches everywhere else. The wind was blowing upwards of 25 mph and at times gusting probably close to 50.

You may remember last Friday I was at the Wolf with similar winds and complained about the powder being blown away. Not the case at Sugar, I saw the forecast for strong winds and remembered SkiNC’s article last weekend praising Sugar’s conditions in the wind, and man you guys were not kidding! Even with this wind, Sugar’s snowmaking crews were able to keep that nice layer of powder. I saw several times when the crews were adjusting the air and water mixture to accommodate the temps and wind.

Hats off to those guys. Big Red, and North Ridge (my two favorite slopes in NC) were in particularly good shape, although at the very top of the mountain the snow blowers were a bit unbearable, they frosted over my goggles before I was even to the entrance of Whoopdeedoo.

By the time the afternoon rolled around the crowds at the bottom of the mountain were pretty thick, but not too bad at the top half. Sugar was awesome today, tommorow it will be even better if you don’t mind battling the holiday crowds."

Davy Scario was at Snowshoe – "Snow, snow, SNOW! I love it! The powder out today was what skiing is all about. Freshies everywhere and where they had groomed the night before was awesome this morning. There’s something about skiing where nobody else has been so far that day. The lift lines were light but the holiday crowds were arriving as the day wore on so I imagine it will be crowded this weekend. Great stuff at Snowshoe!"

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