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Dana McLeod was at Snowshoe Saturday – "Oh my LORD the crowds! The conditions were great. The snow was GREAT. The Village was festive. And the trails were covered with people! The left lines were longer than when I was up here in December, but all in all moving pretty good on the side lifts. Powder Monkey was taking from ten to fifteen minutes at times and little longer on a couple of trips down. Ball Hooter had the longest lines and I could not believe the people that were waiting in it. Most of the time that wait had to be 20 minutes and more. My guys would ski down to the other side of Ball Hooter where the lines were much shorter and get on the lift in about ten minutes. The riding was great. Beautiful day on the snow up here!"

Jake Parrish was at Sugar Mountain Saturday Feb 19 – "The snow was great, and so were the crowds. I went out in total disregard of the Presidents Day weekend, and I definately paid for it. Once I was able to get to the mountain from parking in the bottom lot, and waiting in the 30 minute line to get my ticket the snow conditions were pretty good. The snow was great, with a few exceptions of ice on runs like big red, sugar slalom. The three blacks Tom Terrific, Boulderdash, and Whoopdedoo were in the best shape I had ever seen them in. There was great snow to be found on the sides of them, and little ice in the middle. The only thing to set me back was the crowds.

There was more people skiing than I had ever seen in my life. The lines wern’t to bad or I could tolerate them before lunch. Once coming back from eating lunch, were there were no seats to be found the lift lines had grown from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. I saw that the grey lift wasn’t near as bad I made the walk up from the lodge. Once I was about to get on that lift it shuts down for about 25 minutes. I get tired of waiting after 10 minutes, so I head back down to the yellow lift, well I shouldn’t of done that. That lift took me at least 40 minutes to get through. The yellow lift had backed up to were people waiting to get on the green lift were back to back with people getting on the yellow. I went to the top from that lift, then I hit the mid station a few times. When the mid station was getting backed up i figure I should just go ahead and leave. To bad for the crowds, because the snow was great."

Cameron McQueen was at Wolf Laurel – "I drove up to Wolf Laurel today and the conditions were not as great as I had hoped. The crowd was enormous and lines were 25 minutes and longer. The slopes were not in the best shape. I think the grooming could have been better. There were two extremes, ice or slush."

Jesse Smole was at Hawksnest Friday Night – "Although Top Gun, Merlin and the terrain park were quite icy, if you stuck to the intermediate runs there was plenty of snow. At the base of the mountain there was also an icy area, but they turned the guns on around 8 or 9 and by the time we left at midnight conditions were pretty good and I had a blast. I am sure after they push some of the snow around that they made last night things will be pretty good today."

Joshua Bilodeau skied at Appalachian on Friday – "I skied at appalachian on friday. The snow conditions were great all day long. However the wind kept the windchill close to zero all day long. In the morning there were few people there so we got alot of skiing in. In the afternoon people began to come in the dozens but there were still good conditions and the lift lines werent extremely bad."

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