SkiNC Summit 2/20 Trip Report

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Summit was great, we had a blast! when i got there the lady in the lift ticket booth told me i only needed one coupon for two people because I was buying both tickets. She also told me to make a friend in the line and give them my coupon. So i turned around, gave it to the ladies behind me and told them the only stipulation was to come check out the site. They said they would and thanked me, so if you read this and that was you, you’re welcome. 🙂 We rode oz all morning before the line built up there around noon. Then we hit the lot for a pit stop, refueled and dealt with the line all afternoon. Here’s some pics I took.

Photos provided by SkiNC/ MB Member jamsandwich

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Poweline at Beech Mountain
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Beech Mountain was perfect for the 2010 SkiNC Summit – Photo provided by SkiSoutheast/ MB Member StealthBoarder
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