Porter reviews Sapphire Valley from the Weekend 🙁 Ouch!

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Porter from the messageboard reviews Sapphire Valley from this weekend, and it ain’t pretty!

I really wanted to knock off a new ski area and this seemed like the time to go to Sapphire Valley . It ended up being quite a depressing experience.  The drive to Sapphire did offer some beautiful views.

However when I got there I was surprised to find that I had to sign a release form to buy a lift ticket. Lift tickets were $29. There was no trail map, only a small brochure.

To me, Sapphire Valley used to be a much more interesting area when they had three trails…but they filled in one trail to create the Frozen Falls Tubing area. Pretty Lame.

There is one very nice new quad and one rope tow for the beginner’s field, plus the tow for the tubes. But the beginner’s tow was broken, so skiers there had to walk up.

That left me with ONE run to ski on.  Sapphire Valley claims to have a 200 foot vertical, but I’d say it has to be closer to 100’.

Unfortunately, Sapphire subscribes to a poor system of resort management: namely, make snow, with the guns directed at patrons, until the temp hits 32, then continue on for good measure until there is simply a stream of water coming from the jets. Snow quality was surprisingly good, except for where the guns were aimed, which was a slush puddle.

I arrived at Sapphire Valley at 9:30am and skied  for 30 minutes until I was so miserable from the snowmaking guns that I quit, and I walked down the road and had a mocha, and came back when they turned the guns off at noon, and skied for another 90 minutes, until I was miserably bored, and then I drove home.

Editor’s Note: This was an independent On-Snow Report from Porter and perhaps this explains why Sapphire’s staff hasn’t been updating slope reports.  It’s obviously pretty depressing except on that one good slope!  To Sapphire’s defense, when weather permits, they do offer visitors who are at that getaway resort the chance to ski at least one good hill and enjoy some snow tubing as well.  Sapphire Valley is more of a vacation getaway THAT HAPPENS to have a couple of snow covered trails…instead of the other way around.

Porter does capture some good images that you can see here on this page and also on the messageboard. Thanks for the report Porter – we want to always provide the accurate conditions!

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