On Snow Reporters Raving About Conditions on the First Day of Spring!

On Snow

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Thomas Bynum reports from Cataloochee –

Snow guns were running when we got to cat Sunday morning. Early morning saw frozen crud conditions with small layer of manmade on top, which softened into nice spring corn by about 12:00 PM. A decent amount of slush by the end of the day. Only slope closed was the magic carpet. The skier’s right 1/2 to 1/3 at the top of upper omi is essentially dirt for about 100-200 yards, making this trail much thinner and running along the snow guns.  Rock Island / lower omi / easy way / rabbit hill are still sporting plenty of base depth though starting to recede a foot or two from the sides; and a noticeable 15 or 20 feet from the skier’s right side at the bottom of Rabbit.  Otherwise absolutely nothing brown on these trails. Alley Cat is in the most trouble, with coverage of probably no more than 8-12 inches. The entrance to the trail is very sketch and brown.  The mailbox has been removed; all other features were open and well anchored.  Absolutely no lines or traffic anywhere on the mountain. Get out and enjoy it !!!!

Gresham Barker reports from Cataloochee as well –

The Cat crew was still goin’ strong today…When 1/4 of the NC resorts are closed for the season, it’s days like today that make it evident why I am a season pass holder at Cataloochee….What a big ‘ol bomber day!!

I checked the weather last night before leaving and it looked as if the temps would dive enough at Cataloochee to make snow….GB arrived at 7:30, to find no snowguns blowing….but alas..they cranked up to lay down a fresh coat prior to the firing up of the lifts….The cat crew slowly rolled in and before 9:30, GB, telenuts, drmnofpow, waynecash, SkiMastercraft, and Spec were pounding the liquid breakfast in the parking lot waiting for the SNOWGUNS….yes I said snowguns…to turn off…Cat blew snow this morning..so all you haters out there who think you have a better hill than Cataloochee, think again…The Cat is where its at….and don’t forget THAT!!

Since I was the first to arrive, I secured the rockstar parking for the rest of the crew….as if I needed to save any space…Cat was absolutley deserted today…there may have been 50 people on the hill all day…The snow was soft and the temps warmed up to create a nice soft surface, which of course turned to mashed taters later in the pm….as it should this time of year.What a great year!!! The Cat crew went out in style! See everyone at MELTDOWN….and Cat is not done yet…the base is HUGE and if you want to ski in April…..well…the real mountain will be open for your skiing pleasure….
The day was capped off to a trip to none other than the mother ship…Gauyabitos…where Texas Margaritas were enjoyed by TD, Mastercraft, and GB whilst Drmn and wayne enjoyed the show….

If you werent there…Im sorry…the cat crew brought it hard today and will most likley make its final apperance on April 1st

Christian Davies reports from Snowshoe –

I think I saw Mike from Skinc and SkiSoutheast on the slopes Saturday!  I was on the Grabhammer lift and saw a few people skiing with SKINC hoodies and I tried to catch you guys but never caught back up!  The conditions at Snowshoe on Saturday was great.  I was there Friday and was admittedly a little disappointed when I saw so much brown snow and bare areas…not to mention some foot deep slush.  However one night of cold temps and snow making made an amazing difference.  Pure WHITE and nearly perfect conditions to ride on Saturday. As good as Saturday was, Sunday was even better. No lift lines on Sunday and conditions were primo for yours truly!

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Turner, Luke, and Daniel Bynum(left to right) on Upper Omigosh at Cataloochee from this weekend (expand for best image) – Cataloochee will be open Tue
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