Notes and Quotes for Saturday, December 18th –

First Trax

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First of all I need to tell all of our On-Snow Reporters to please keep the photos and reports coming, however I won’t be able to post them until later this evening hopefully. I am traveling and when I tried to remote into my office computer…it didn’t let me. So, I had to get REAL inventive JUST to get the ski report updated AND be able to update today’s stories. I am aware that we have some GREAT photos that came in and some sweet reports from you guys and I will get to them later when I am able to remote connect to my office system.

On to the snow news: Bryce Resort in Virginia opens today for the season with four trails on their opening day. The Homestead also will be enjoying their opening day today. All of the resorts in the Southeast have been making plenty of snow…and most all of the areas have seen a good measure of natural snow as well…over the last week. Conditions are pretty sweet right now…and especially when you look at where we were just 8-10 days ago. It has been an amazing transformation to say the least. Perhaps the biggest change has been at Snowshoe where in no time at all they have gotten to the point where they have 30 trails open today and reportedly will have 35 trails going at some point this weekend.

Timberline woes – We reported yesterday that we were doubting to accuracy of Timberline’s claim of 38" of natural snow to date. The main reason is because they upped it 10" overnight…when no snow fell. They are reporting 6" of snow in the LAST 24 hours now…and yet their season snow total didn’t increase from the 38" they showed 24 hours ago. We’re thinking that someone is mixing rum in the snowmaking equipment! We heard from a few people up that way that agree with us…and one of the homeowners at Timberline literally trashed the Timberline webmaster on another ski messageboard up that way.

We weren’t trying to stir up a storm, but we’re all looking for some accurate data. None of the resorts closeby have received that kind of snow totals. Our buddies at THE WEATHER CHANNEL and other snow coverage sources are not showing that kind of snowfall…and even their own slope report shows no terrain park open and only six trails operating today…which is GOOD…but you’d expect a lot more going if they’d had the great snowmaking opportunities that we’ve seen AND 36" of natural snow to boot.

We’ll monitor things and if they don’t seem to get with the program up there…we’ll discontinue providing their information. That would be unfortunate because we’ve been asked by so many up that way to begin providing their information to our loyal visitors.

More resort coverage? We received an email from an interested party yesterday asking if we’d begin to include OHIO resorts. His supporting reasoning? "Hey, it’s only ONE more state!" We’re going to consider it…and thanks for the inquiry. If we keep branching out…we might have to out to use another domain name that we own…! I don’t know…we kinda like what we have going here…so we’ll have to table that idea for awhile!

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