Timberline Resort Sold to Perfect North

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The only confirmation we have is a court document that states that Timberline Resort was sold to Perfect North Slopes, Inc. for the sale price of $2,200,000. Money has not changed hands yet but things sure point to the fact that it is a done deal.

Perfect North Slopes, Inc is owned by Chip Perfect and as we understand it, he’s good friends with President, Terry Pfeiffer, of Winterplace Resort – also in West Virginia. The assumed good news is that a ski resort operator is buying the battered resort and that he intends to reopen it as a ski area.  That is great and surprising news to yours truly and to many others within the industry.

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Joe Stevens, who is the official spokesperson for the West Virginia Ski Areas Association (and a columnist on this website) shared, “That really bodes well to hear that a ski operator has purchased the property. Having someone in the industry (to buy it) is certainly great news.”

So it appears that Timberline Resort will indeed rise from the ashes. We have reached out to Perfect North Slopes and their team and we hope to have news to share. There is no news about any timing of reopening and since I/we were wrong about our assumptions per Timberline being purchased for skiing…we’ll wait for the word from the new owners.

There are still some obstacles in the way…and we’ll share news as we have it.

If you missed the story from yesterday, you can view the story posted on Tuesday.

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