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Boone, NC – and our weather and live cam network saw 37,062 unique visitors on Monday with 577,819 page views in the same 24 hour period. That is 15.5 pages viewed per visitor which is outstanding.

"When a website receives five to six pages viewed per visitor that is considered very good," says SEO Marketing Director, Lisa Clough. She adds, "To see a website or blog receive 15 pages viewed per visitor is simply amazing."

Sarah Davis, who serves as Communication Director for adds, "Obviously the big draw is the snow. When we get a lot of it like we’re seeing this past weekend, that adds to our visitation. Then people stick around to see all of the live camera locations we now have as well as the new weather content and of course they visit the pages that cover their favorite ski resort."

The network consists of,, and

Over the past few years we’ve seen the top visitorship migrate from the ski content to the webcams as more and more television stations pick up our content. The addition of High Country Weather has been a well received one thus far.

"There are some very good weather websites in our region and there’s only so many ways that you can cover the weather", says founder Mike Doble. "I think what we’re attempting to do with the weather content is to provide one location where people can see all of the weather content from all of our ski resorts and mountains of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic. We no of no other website where you can see recent weather photos, forecasts and live temperature output for all 17 ski resorts in the region in a one-stop shop", Doble adds.

According to staffers, is the least visited portion of the ski, cam and weather network, however since debuting the brand new website a few weeks ago visitorship has increased from around 1000 unique visitors per day to 2,486 visitors who went to the website on Monday, December 6th.

Stay tuned as continues to implement new features and content. Pass the word to your friends that for all things skiing, snowboarding, weather and live web cams… is the place to be!

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