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I am here at Snowshoe Mountain and glad to say that I was able to get out early (thanks to Matt Laws handling of FirsTrax this morning). It is always important to get out early at rope drop on a Holiday ski getaway and that was definitely the case again this morning as I was able to make 5 strong runs down the mountain with almost no lift line. After that – it became a madhouse….

The mild temps lately have certainly put a bit of a damper on how pristine the conditions are at all of the ski areas, but as I toured all of the mountains via the video below, you’ll see good, side-to-side coverage across the region.

I can attest to the fact that the surface conditions everywhere are simply going to be soupy, soft and heavy, mashed-potatoes as the skier traffic pushes things around. However, it is pretty amazing to see that all of the resorts are operating with most of the core trails open and pretty good conditions for this VERY busy weekend and week ahead.

The video tour below will show you that things look pretty sunny and mild everywhere right now except at Snowshoe where the mountain has been socked in with a very wet, misty fog all morning. One look at the weather radar tells me that the sun should burn that off as the day wears on.

I think I’m going to chill for an hour or so and head to Silver Creek. Hopefully the fog will dissipate and allow for some good photos or videos. Until then….

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