Meimei of Raleigh North Carolina Shares a Quick Trail Report for Massanutten January 21, 2008

On Snow

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Conditions were wonderful at Massanutten on Monday, Jan. 21. They made snow all night on Diamond Jim, plus left a few on until about 11am. So the top was great. Got the other blue runs off Rebel Yell open. That meant my daughter’s Blue ski school group had plenty of places to ski. No lines to worry about. Between the cold and Sun-Sun timeshare rentals I guess. Even at peak times, probably less than 10 minutes on any lift.

The only annoyance was that Mass Transit and the crossover wasn’t open yet. So you had to ride the primary beginner lift on Southern Comfort to get up to the top chairlift. But since there weren’t long lines, it wasn’t a big deal.

Sorry, no photos. Too cold for my camera.

Raleigh, NC

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