Massanutten Duo Leading Charge to Get More Women and Girls on the Slopes

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It is International Women’s Day on Monday, March 8, and Massanutten Resort has a pair of exceptional women leading the charge to get more females on the slopes.

Massanutten’s Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson and Whitney LeMay are helping grow the ski and snowboard disciplines with their roles in the Massanutten Ski School. Johnson – a skiing instructor – has been hitting the slopes since she was in kindergarten, while LeMay – a snowboarding instructor – has been playing on the snow since she was seven.

Both have a love of their respective discipline to motivate them to hit the slopes.

“I of course love the sport and I want other people to at least experience it even if they come for one lesson and they’re like “Yeah, maybe not…” but just getting them to experience it and feel confident trying new outdoors during winter,” Johnson said.

“The love for the sport and my own enjoyment, I love passing on to other people and seeing their love and enjoyment for the sport, and even getting into coaching, and being able to coach freestyle, too,” LeMay said. “Just getting them started with the basics, getting them comfortable, and being able to have fun too.”

When asked what the biggest piece of advice the duo would tell younger girls when it comes to hitting the slopes, LeMay said it is to just go outside and do it.

“A – Just get outside. B – Try it. ,” LeMay said. “Do not let yourself or what you think is expected of you stop you from trying it. Go with a friend because then you can encourage each other and you can push yourselves and just have fun – not be perfect, but just have fun, try something new, and surpass what you thought you could even try.”

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