Mark McKelvy Provides this nice Trail Report from Appalachian and Ski Beech on December 9th

On Snow

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At the last minute I decided to drive up to Beech before App to ride with Mellow Yellow, XboxChick, and UT twin tip from the messageboard.  To my surprise at 10:00 I got front row parking and it was not crowded at all.  The weather was perfect.  Sunny, blue skies, just below freezing and no wind.  They were making snow, but it was very bearable.  We had a good time for sure.

I then when to App for the last part of the day to check out their park stuff.  They weren’t blowing snow at the time so that was nice, but the lift beside Strudel wasn’t running for some reason so you had to hike to hit the park features they have set up over there.

(Be sure to check out Mark’s Photo of the Day under Appalachian and Ski Beech)

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Sugar Mountain looked great and was uncrowded on December 9th as this photo from Kent Jackson provided us.
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