Late Season at Canaan Valley Resort


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Canaan Valley has some good deals on lift tickets for the last few weeks of the season.  Beginning today (March 9th), lift tickets will be heavily discounted for the rest of the season.  Here’s the breakdown.

March 9 – *Closing Date Adult Junior
 *Tentative March 29th
Day (9am-4:30pm) $35 $25
Half Day (9a-1p or 12:30p-4:30p) $30 $20
2-Day $60 $40
3-Day $90 $60


College students who are looking for something to do on spring break are in luck as well as Canaan is offering discounts on lift tickets and rentals through the end of the season as a part of their College Daze promotion.

  • Lift Ticket: $20
  • Lift/Ski Rental: $35
  • Lift/Snowboard Rental: $45

Finally, this weekend the West Virginia resort is hosting their Wild Thing event which includes live music, a rail jam, pond jumping, and more!  Below is the flyer with all of the information.  Should be a good final few weeks up there!


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