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We debuted HighCountryWeather.com in late October 2010 and by Halloween we were already seeing 1000 unique visitors per day. November saw 41,548 unique visitors and 1384 visitors per day. As we expected when December came to a close we had topped 79,198 unique visitors and 2554 visitors per day. Now THAT is some growth!

Even so, January is shaping up to be our best month to date as through the 8th we’ve seen 20,855 visitors with our top day thus far at 2880 visitors. Not too shabby for a new website!

Although we probably won’t get to it this season, our intentions are to bring LIVE, on mountain weather reporting from every mountain community in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic. We’re bringing on a new member to our staff on Monday, January 10th. Kenny Griffin will be adding his meteorological and video talents to our mix and we’re looking forward to seeing this part of our web offerings grow immensely in the coming year.

Stay tuned! We’d appreciate it if you’d save us as a favorite and pass the word that the best place to get all of the ski area mountain commmunities weather at one location – it’s www.HighCountryWeather.com

Editor’s note: We are fully aware that there are a few, more highly trafficked weather websites in the region. Our goal is to surpass those and we never fall short of meeting our goals! That said, we know that viewer interests in weather takes a huge dip in March as we don’t have hurricanes and tornados in the mountains…except on a rare, rare occasion. Regardless, we’re striving to be one of the best sources for interesting, fun and accurate information. Feel free to make suggestions on how we can make the site better for you. Email us at [email protected]

Thanks for helping us grow.

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