Gresham Barker provides “the minutes” of the SkiNC messageboard crew as they met at Cataloochee yesterday!

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Gresham Barker writes “the minutes” of the SkiNC Messageboard gathering at Cataloochee from this weekend. (All of these images and more can be seen by going to the Photos of the Day links and look under “Cataloochee’s” images.)

Great day at the Cat….again…do we ever have bad ones?  I mean come on…..we’ve done the Cat in the rain….can’t get much worse than that.

The Cat Crew continues to be an ever evolving machine. If you jump on, you are bound to meet some cool people and have a good time. On the funky bus today were GreshamB, teledave, Mellow Yellow, Ski Mastercraft, Mr Stinky, Outdoor Wood, Gulf Boarder, MBlacky, and ASC….. (sorry if I left anyone out).

BTW Gulf sacked up and made the trip, so nobody within 100 miles of their closest hill should have an excuse…

So as I was saying….

Drove up the hill to find a perfect day….again….with bluebird skies and a little wind in the forecast…

The Great Smokies….they get me every time


Before I start….I know I know…I need to use zoom….Gresh needs photo lessons blah blah….hey, at least I care enough to take time out of MY skiing to snap a couple…

Met a griping TD in the parking lot about 8:30 wondering why I wasn’t there when I said I was going to be. I guess it was ok because he was probably in the lodge either:

A) Waiting for the bar to open
B) Shovelling down biscuits and gravy and/or jalapenos
C) Deciding weather or not to go alpine or tele

Made a couple of runs with teledave w/ attached heels, and the Volkl Explosives were on fire. The helicopter dropped him off at the top of Upper Omigosh and vroooom! Down the hatch..

TD w/ attached heels



As the crew grew, we kept lapping and I stopped to take a few shots..

Good fluffy conditions on the upper Rock Island and Omigosh




TD and Gresh stop for the ‘ol gaper pose, and TD advertises for Powder Mag…
Rumor has it the Cat Crew will be featured in the Feb. Issue




Cruised over to the park to see if any action was going down and I wasn’t dissapointed…A crew was up from Augusta with a local ski and dive shop to do some riding…they were airing it out…

Boarders from Augusta



More Boarders from Augusta



Some of the Cat Crew decided to get in on the mix and SkiMastercraft and Eric showed off their skills…

Eric goes for the switch landing



Ski Mastercraft tries to get "Crafty" w/ the X-over 180 and……



Here’s all the explanation you’ll need for the craftiness



Blacky and Stink showed up later in the day so we Headed back up the Mountain for some action shots, and the snow was killer. Got a little sticky in the afternoon as the temps rose, but still and overall good day. Mellow Yellow was lapping most of the afternoon, and TD switched back to his old stomping sticks and started dropping knees. Dubs got in on the action too..

Group pic on the hill: Left to Right SkiMastercraft, Mellow Yellow, Outdoor Wood, Teledave, Mr Stinky



Outdoor Wood shows his stuff



Teledave goes low on the broken skis



Mr Stinky can rip it up too



Of course it wouldn’t be a trip to the Cat without a trip upstairs….am I right fellas? am I right? Galeic Ales and Amber Bocks – a – plenty all around and good times were once again had by all..

Left to Right: Outdoor Wood, Teledave, Mr Stinky, GreshamB, Gulf Boarder, MBlacky…the Crew in full effect
On a side note, had a buddy take this pic and the shaky wavy effect is pretty cool…



That’s pretty much it…great day as always…mini pre-utah summit at the Cat next weekend…I can’t make it so you all tear it up..

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