Drew Stanley of Appalachian Ski Mountain provides this insight into The Shred for the Cup Comp that took place on Monday, January 1st

On Snow

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Boy, the weather in the South is something else! This winter so far has been less than impressive looking at snowfall and temperatures. Our New Year’s Eve gift was over an inch of rain, leaving many wondering if we would even be able to host a Big Air Event. Despite the weather and rain, the App Terrain Park crew was able to put in a ton of hard work, deal with the snow they had, and put on a great event!

Registration went down from 8:30-10:00 like normal, with competitors easing in at their leisure, after an eventful New Year’s Eve. By 10:30, the sun was out in full force. Jeff Johnson was keeping everyone in Appal Jam entertained with the mic; the snow was softening up a bit, and the ATP Transition Technicians were putting their final touches on the two takeoffs for the Table.

Around 11am the competitors were able to take a few practice runs off the jumps to get warmed up. The competition officially kicked off around 11:30, with every competitor having 3 runs, being judged on style, difficulty of trick, and landing. Both skiers and snowboarders were going off, spinning everywhere, grabbing, switch, regular, you name it, it was thrown. For the advanced Snowboarders, Kris Jones was really on his game, and was consistently stomping some huge spins with grabs all the way through. For the Advanced Skiers, Charlie Wilcox dominated with some picture perfect cork and switch spins, with super technical grabs.

The event wrapped up around 2:30, and the awards ceremony took place as soon as the Judges were done deliberating, around 3pm in the Snowcloud Room. The winners of all divisions, as well as tons of raffle winners were hooked up with some insane prizes, including Skis, Snowboards, goggles, headphones, hoodies, shirts, helmets, board bags, backpacks, gloves, the list goes on!

Shout out to all the sponsors for really helping out with some really good prizes for everyone! Board Paradise, Salomon, Burton, Flow, Skullcandy, DVS, Matix, RED, Red Bull, and Da Kine. Thanks to everyone who helped out with the event, and start getting your rail/box/table lines mapped out in your head for the next "Shred for the Cup" event, the slopestyle!

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"Parker" shows some moves at Appalachian Ski Mountain from Wednesday, January 3rd – Photo by Lorrie Tomlinson
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