Douglas Burnett shares a January 17th Trail Report for Sugar Mountain

On Snow

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Decided late last night to make the drive up to Sugar to ski the day session on Thursday. Slept in the van after making it up the mountain by the grace of God, and 2 snow plows. The snow was coming down hard. Woke to the plow passing and knew that it was gonna be a great powder day. As I climbed from my bag and into the cold air, the snow began to ring loud on the roof. By the time the Recons were unstrapped form the roof, it was raining. Right at 33 degrees.

Well I didnt drive up here to cry over underdeveloped snow, so I skied. Thanks to a fresh coat of cold wax, The snow was very fast. A little freezing rain made the top crust over, but the fresh snow was about 5 inches deep I would say. Lapped the top of the hill a couple of times until I was soaked. 9:45am found me back in the van putting on my new gloves and a second jacket. Dry again, I hit the slopes until 2. I was surprised by the size of the croud. I guess everybody is ready for the season to really begin. Judging by Sugars coverage, Id say its here to stay this time.

Happy Trails!


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