David McConnell Shares a Trip Report to Ober Gatlinburg on January 25th, 2007!

On Snow

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So I finally made it up to Ober for the first time this season for a few runs after work. All I’ve got to say is I had forgotten how much fun Mogul Ridge laps are. I had Mr. Stinky with me and we made 20 runs over 3 and half hours; ski onto the chair, ride the chair to the top of MR, down MR, mach down Castle Run, ski back onto the chair, repeat.

Upper Bear Run was open of course but I have no idea how it was, I never even looked down that side. Mogul Ridge was good, the snow was kind of hard since the temperatures have been cold, no real moguls on it though since it has only been open 3 days this season (Sunday, Tuesday, & Wednesday), a few little bumps here and there but the slope was basically smooth. Just as we were leaving they got the snowguns cranked up, and they are still making snow this morning. Overall it just doesn’t get much better.


View photos submitted by Dave for this trip, by CLICKING HERE!

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