David Martin Files Trail Report for Ski Beech on January 11th, 2007

On Snow

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I got an opportunity to ski at Beech on Thursday. The idea was to beat the heavy crowds that are coming in for the weekend and also to beat the weather since rain looks to be hitting sometime this weekend. Not only was Beech in great shape, there was a steady crowd but never any lines at the lifts. Beech could use a lesson or two in grooming the slopes.  It seems like whoever drives the groomers must be related to Jeff Gordon. I’ve driven a groomer or two in my time up north and the kind of little blocks of ice on the slopes is indicative of going a bit too fast for the machinine’s ability to "work" the surface.

All in all though – most of the open trails were really nice.  They were making snow so googles and head gear was a must.  Looks like Beech was planning to get more slopes open soon because they were making snow on other slopes too.

It was a great day to be up at Beech.  The views were beautiful with all of the snow covered mountains, the trails open were nice although they could use some TLC on the grooming.  I saw a couple of people poach one of the unopen trails.  Looked to me like most of the snow from over on White Lightning had blown or drifted over to the side of the middle trails and one boarder was riding in what looked like knee-deep snow! I was tempted but too old to spend time in jail or to be ran off by ski patrol!

Beech was a great day!

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