David Martin Files Trail Report for Appalachian for December 27, 2006

On Snow

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This is the first time that I’ve been able to ski this season and I have to say that the conditions were a lot better than I thought they were going to be.  Actually, more accurately I should say that the conditions were near perfect. What was unfortunate is that there were only five trails open, and Orchard and Upper/Lower Appal were the only true trails that offered a nice experience.  That’s not negative reflection on App, it’s just small and since they only have the six slopes open (five if you don’t count the terrain park).

I’m not a park guy, but I have to tell those of you who are, that Appalachian’s Terrain Park is one impressive bit of work. The staff has people there most of the time working and reworking it and that certainly has to score high for those wanting to take that in.

The crowds really made for a slow experience, but I guess that’s normal.  Often it seems that most of the people were in line, because when you look UP the hill, there was often almost nobody on the hill.

I highly recommend Appalachian, and would advise people to take it in once everything gets open.  I’ll report next time from Sugar.

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