Dave Snow offers a Trip Report for Ski Beech from Wednesday, January 24th

On Snow

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First I want to say thanks for all of the great emails that I received from the story I wrote on Sunday. Over 76 emails came in (according to Mike at SkiNC) and only two were negative and 74 thanked me for the story. That was very nice to see (thanks to Mike for sending them to me) as I am a Beech Mountain person myself and a huge fan of the resort. Now to my report.

My wife and I were on the slopes at Ski Beech on Wednesday most all day. All I can say is WOW! The snow was flying as the snowguns were blasting away. The conditions were nothing short of simply THE BEST of the season! I stopped and spoke with a few people that I know at Beech and they all related much the same thing – wonderful conditions. I skied Oz, Upper and Lower Shawneehaw and all were as nice as I have seen them in a couple of years. I can’t tell you how strongly I recommend that you visit the mountain for the weekend!

Regardless of whether it was wind-blown snow or purposely done, it was nice to see the walkways and access roads with snow on them rather than ice. The bottom line is that Ski Beech looked like a top ranked resort on Wednesday. With snow and more cold in the forecast, you won’t want to miss this weekend’s conditions!

Editor’s Note: I spoke with “Dave” and in light of some of the comments that we’ve received in response to his story on Sunday, I asked him if I could reveal a bit of inside information. He said “yes’. It should be noted that Dave Snow is a pseudonym. He is a local resident and associated with Beech Mountain and was asked by several Beech residents, business and property owners to write his story. I collaborated with him to write it. We have since heard from numerous Ski Beech employees in full support and agreement with Dave’s story. I thought that I should clear the air by letting our readers know this fact.

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